A to Z

This day has been charged full of fabulously fulfilling conversations, meetings, and most of all people. I am desiring to wind down a bit so I am going to respond to the many tags I have gotten around the blogoshpere to list 25 random things about myself so you all can get to know me better.

25 sounded daunting so I decided to do 26. Huh? Yep. I am going to list off the letters to the English alphabet and then fill in the first random fact about myself that comes to me starting with that letter. Might be one word might be a phrase, whatever. So here goes…

A – Angie Lynn Houtz is my maiden name… I used to joke that my name went from A to Z.

B – But now I am Angie Lynn Washington (my little sisters discovered it rhymes), so now I am A&W, like the root beer. Root beer floats are a great treat for me.

C – Cat person I am not.

D – Dog person I am not either.

E – Emily, my sister, just graduated with a degree in painting and I am very proud of her.

F – Family is important to me.

G – God is important to me.

H – Horse person I am. Someday I might own a horse.

I – Ice-cream preference: a scoop of orange sorbet and a scoop of vanilla in a glass dish with a metal spoon.

J – Jesus is important to me.

K – Kaleidoscope collecting is one of my pastimes.

L – Loving my husband is one of my favorite things to do.

M – Mothering my children is another one of my favorite things to do.

N – New books thrill me.

O – Oz book collecting is another of my pastimes.

P – Pretty much game for traveling anywhere in the world.

Q – Quilt on my bed was made for DaRonn and I for our wedding by my mother and my aunts.

R – Rain and snow are my most favored weathers.

S – Snow Bunny was one of my dad’s nicknames for me. He also called me Ang-er-danj (that was really hard to spell).

T – Theocentric is one of my favorite words. It means God centered. I might have made it up, but I still love it.

U – Up early because I am one of those people that they call a morning person.

V – Vlogs are a new interest of mine. I am thinking once a month is good but I might do them more often if I want to.

W – What exercise do I enjoy? Let me name my top three: swimming, hiking, and running.

X – Xs and Os to my friends in the flesh are the best.

Y – Yes in Spanish is ‘sí’. If in Spanish is ‘si’. Did you see the difference? From this similarity I have learned that the yeses can be very ify. That is ok though, it makes me strive to communicate clearly, which is never a bad thing.

Z – Z is a strategic letter in Scrabble because it can earn me high points. I try to place it for extra point earning in a word that lines up vertically with another word making the Z to land on a colored square thereby multiplying the score for that turn. I really like word games like Scrabble, Taboo, and Scattergories.


9 thoughts on “A to Z

  1. Horse person? I don’t think I knew that about you too! I hope to someday have one again.

    Ice cream- Yeah, baby. 50-50 bar in a bowl. Switch to chocolate instead of vanilla, and you have my #1 choice.

    Oz book collecting? Interested in about a dozen old Oz books in my dining room? My kids have no interest. If so, I’ll grab them and give you more info.

  2. I love your creativity with the A to Z idea! And that your name went from A to Z and is now like A&W root bear! That is too cool!

    I LOVE to travel too! I really want to go to Australia!!

  3. Just wait until I tell Caleb you like OZ, He is a huge collector of Oz stuff, and Hannah has recently gotten turned on to horses. You have always been an interesting, amazing woman of God!

  4. Libby – You would love Australia.

    Thumbuddy – My spell checker was stumped… I am glad you knew what it meant. :-) Love you too!

    Marsha – Thank you. :-)

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