Tuesday Tip #11 – Display the Work

Category: Parenting

Purpose: Build self-esteem

Materials: string, nails, clothes pins, peg boards, pegs, strong magnets

The success of this tip lies in: letting the kids’ work be part of your decorating

DISPLAY THE WORK: Between two nails put in the wall about a yard (one meter) apart tie a string. Use the clothes pins to clip up the art work or written pieces that your children do. Each kid in our home has a string and they decide what goes up for display. I also have a large peg board by my desk where I hang the things they give to me. We use magnets for the fridge to display items as well.

Another unique idea that we do is a family blog. The authors are all the members of our family on my side: my siblings, my parents, our family, and the kids’ cousins. My kids love putting stories and pictures on the blog so all the family can see.


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #11 – Display the Work

  1. that is fun.

    we do that with emma (and will for anna when she starts project-ing).

    emma feels so pleased when i put something on the fridge or the wall.

    i took pictures of one of my favorite paintings by emma (it was hanging in the dining room at our old house, now i need to find a place to put it) but i made stationary / notecards on shutterfly.com with the photo of her art and gave it to the grandmas. i loved it, they loved it and emma loved it.

    it’s a fun gift idea and very special.

  2. Becky – We have piles of art around the house that have not made it to the walls yet. It is interesting to see what the kids choose to go up on their strings and what they let sit around.

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