Tuesday Tip #12 – Whistle While You Work

Category: Family

Purpose: Harmony and to create the mood

Material: Sound system of any size and music

The success of this technique is: variety

WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK: It is amazing how much music can affect the mood in your home. Let different members of the home choose the music that you listen to at different times. After a particularly victorious time of housework you might want to have a victory dance party. Or if you are looking for some soothing tones put on something more mellow and watch as the people begin to relax. Music is good.


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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #12 – Whistle While You Work

  1. Good tip, Angie! I like to put on something really upbeat when I’m cleaning. Seems to help the job go easier and somehow makes it fun! Even if I sometimes end up looking like the girl in HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, dancing with the mop!

  2. Music is good! My Dad used to put on … Hooked on Classics (ever heard of it) on Saturday mornings to try to motivate us to clean the house. I suppose it worked a little. :) Music does help me now, too though. (Though I have to say my ‘cleaning the house’ soundtrack that works best is not music, but a movie. Pride and Prejudice – the 5 hour A&E version. It plays in the back of my head, and not only puts me in an idyllic mood, but keeps my brain occupied while I clean. It works!)

  3. Annie – I have tried the movie thing. For sitting still jobs like cooking, ironing, and folding it works great, but I am too distracted when I need to be moving around. But hey, whatever works, right? :-)

    Thumbuddy – I totally pictured that about you. :)

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