Wednesday Without Words



15 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. Yay! I know it’s probably an emotional day (both happy and sad) and I am praying that everyone makes the transition well!!

  2. Alece – Look at those precious faces… how could I have chosen just one??? The concept of ‘extra time’ is foreign to me. If anything, I used to be juggling too much and play catch up. Now I can at least feel like my head is above the water. (Wow I just used a boat load of metaphors!) :-) To answer your question less evasively the one thing I want to spend more concerted time doing is writing. After that I am going to enjoy not having rush to do everything because I am not assuming any new responsibilities outside of the home. Oh, the other thing will be getting this adoption done and then enjoying getting to know my new daughter. It will be a good year.

    Joy – Extremely emotional in and of itself but also because we have had a number of other things come to a culmination all at the same time this week. I keep trusting that God’s grace is sufficient. Thank you for praying, really, that means alot to me.

  3. i totally hear you about now having “free” time to actually do everything you were already managing to get done but didn’t really have time for. (re-reading that, it doesn’t make much sense. but i think you know what i mean!) and hearing you’re gonna focus more time on writing? that made me smile.

  4. How did it feel sending them off the first day?

    I homeschooled my boys until high school. I sent my daughter in 7th grade. I was just as nervous as a new mom sending her child to kindergarten.

    They’re adorable and look quite excited!

  5. Thumbuddy – I am handling it fine. God has been very gracious to me. Yes, Tyler is still with me.

    Michelle – It felt great! They are still on the same property just a couple of buildings away so that makes the transition easier.

    Roxx – Thanks! :-)

  6. Loved the pics Ang! How exciting for the kids…and for you to be able to have some quieter time to yourself. How’s Tyler handling the quieter house? Does he miss his siblings while they’re gone?

    BTW I’m still pondering the Fistful of Stones post… nearly a week later! You really DO NEED to get that one published!

  7. Annie – You sure know how to make a mama’s button’s burst. :-D

    Libby – Tyler is stir crazy! He has no playmates, so I would say that he does indeed miss his siblings. Instead he is wanting me to play, read, sing, tickle and whatever with him. Reason number 856 that we need to get this adoption done: so Tyler has a friend in the mornings. :-)

    Carin – The kids are “absolutely” (Gabrielle’s word) enjoying the school. :-) No, Tyler doesn’t understand… he still goes running for his shoes when they are grabbing their bags.

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