Tuesday Tip #13 – Cup of Knowledge

Category: Life skills

Think about the amount of knowledge you possess as a cup. You can fill your cup by learning new things. And you can increase the size of your cup by the variety of learning styles you employ.

A sampling of learning styles: audio, visual, tactile, memorization, through music, through visual arts, through performing arts, through nature, discussions, debates, new ideas, old ideas, spiritual ideas, mathematical and scientific ideas, literary and philosophic ideas, historical and visionary ideas,from teachers who are older, from teacher who are younger, from teachers of a different culture, standing up, sitting down, and walking around.

Personal example: If you asked us twelve years ago where we were going as missionaries we would have told you “without a doubt” one of the following: India or Africa. Looking back on that time I can see now that we thought that because it was all we ever knew. As we increased our cup of knowledge we were able to make a clearer decision about where to serve.

Bonus: If you are a Christian I would challenge you with this thought. God is able to lead you depending on the size and contents of your cup of knowledge.



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #13 – Cup of Knowledge

  1. Good tip – I love learning, and understand (at least in some measure) the power of it. If I did what was in my heart, I would learn on a scale that is 4 -5 times what I currently do. :]

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