Wednesday Without Words




24 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. Mo – Thanks!

    Marti – Yes! It was soooooo luscious.

    Alece – I think that the red is what caught my eye in the first place. It just begged to be captured on film.

    Annie – I plucked off the pieces with my hands; but I was going to be reading as I munched so I needed to use a spoon (a metal spoon in a glass bowl, thankyouverymuch). Plus, I wanted to avoid the purple fingernails. I had taken a few pictures of arrangements with the bowl of pomegranate, but was not pleased with them. Bored with it I decided to sit down and read. So I put the fruit by my bed. When I reached over for my glasses from the embroidered glasses case you see there I saw the composition and said to myself, “That is it.” Click, click and voila; a picture that I didn’t even have to tweak.

  2. I love this too. And I was so proud that I knew it was pomegranate. (Not much knowledge of fruits beyond apples, bananas, and oranges.)

    Great photo!

  3. haha! Really? Au naturale? Sweet! And I’m thinking …. I must not have ever had a ripe pomegranate. Because they’ve never been messy any time I’ve eaten them. Probably not as juicy as they could be! Hmmmm … makes me wish they made my fingers purple. :)

  4. Jutta – Thank you.

    Annie – I make my kids change into grubby clothes when they want to eat pomegranates and then they compare to see who is the purplest of them all. :-)

    Indian Lake Papa – Wow! Congratulations on your new grandchild! That is wonderful. I am glad to hear that you are sharing from your cup of knowledge, experience and love. It’s nice to see your comment here. You are welcome back any time. :-)

  5. love the photo. is that the note that i sent you? i think that pomegranents are beautiful, and any time that i can get my hands on some home made pomegranent jelly i buy it, but i dont like to eat them fresh. nice flavor but not a good flesh to seed ratio. too frusterating.

  6. Michelle – They are yummy.

    Shawn – Yes! That is the note you sent us! :-) I eat the seeds. Just scoop up a spoonful and then munch and crunch away. I used to spit out the seeds and that was indeed frustrating. Now I just eat it all together.

  7. Hi @ngie, just stopping by to say hi! I’m just catching up on your posts, and have to tell you about how this one inspired me :). I saw this photo a day or so ago and thought how gorgeous it is (I love colour red), but more than anything I thought, wow, those pomegranates look amazing. I’d never tried them before so I went out especially and bought some for dessert last night – they are so nice! I’ve gone and bought two more, ha, ha!

  8. Birgit – Amazing to know that one image coupled with a relationship of trust between two people on completely opposite sides of the world could cause such an impulse to action. I am glad to know you like them! I bought a bunch more today as well.

  9. You know I was thinking should I ask if she has a new camera as that shot is FAB..then I saw your last comment! Oh how I miss the delicious, vibrant, exotic fruit of Bolivia…not long now…and I wont have to druel over photos!

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