Good News

Adoption documents are coming together. We have to have originals of certain certificates to present to the official offices to be translated. After they are translated we will turn both in to the courts here. My sister helped us get our marriage certificate and it arrived in our hands this week. We had a wrinkle with our birth certificates. That was ironed out miraculously. The full story is in the following paragraph for those interested. Every little bit in the right direction is a cause for happiness.

I applied on line for DaRonn’s and my birth certificates from Nebraska in the middle of December. In the process you can give a different mailing address apart from the billing address. I gave them the address where a friend who lives in Bolivia would be for most of January. He would be coming back on the 20th so I assumed this would provide ample time for the certificates to be issued and sent. It was the 18th and they hadn’t shown up yet. So I contacted vital records in Nebraska. They told me that both certificates had been issued and sent out on the 30th of December. Our friend came back to Bolivia without the certificates. We waited hoping that they were just slow with the mail. Finally I contacted vital records again to ask which address they sent them to. They wrote back asking me what address I wanted them sent to. I battled cynicism all night. In the end I decided to tell them and trust that they had good intentions and would not come back to me by telling me that this was the address they sent them to and I would have to re-apply. I am so glad I chose the path of trust because they wrote back with unanticipated great news. They said that they were re-issuing the birth certificates and sending them to the address that I had just given them. The email ended by telling me that they would not be able to repeat this again and I would have to re-apply if they didn’t show up. You can pray with me that there are no more problems getting those down here. The house where my friend was staying is his in-laws. They have graciously told me that they will send them down when they arrive.

Prayer points

I know that some of you are praying with us in this process. I appreciate that so very much! Thank you. Here are some specifics:

  1. That DaRonn’s and my birth certificates arrive quickly without a problem.
  2. That the translations of our official documents are correct and done in a timely manner.
  3. That we would know when to wait and when to push forward.
  4. That God would put us with our child in His time.
  5. Thanksgiving for the favor and answered prayer to this point. Oh, especially for my Bolivian i.d. card; I am still so happy to have that done!



12 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Am praying a hedge or protection over said documents and praying that everything will fall in place in God’s perfect timing!

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