Toys, Tools and Treasures

Denise is a friend of mine who came from the United States to serve as a missionary in Bolivia coming up on 3 years ago this May. An article she wrote on her blog has been rumbling around in my brain lately. She talks about categorizing things as: toys, tools and treasures. I am transferring this idea to evaluate how my time is spent.

Toy Time: Exhaling is just as important as being “productive”. Enjoying the world and people that God surrounds me with brings him glory. Am I playing now? Am I putting my whole heart into this toy time?

Tool Time: Intentional growth is the result of habitually submitting myself to influences that challenge and stimulate my spirit, soul and body. Am I growing now? Is my attitude helping or hindering the use of this tool? Using my time to invest in the betterment of others is also tool time. Are my eyes open to needs? Am I meeting those needs in a way that pleases God?

Treasure Time: A friend wrote in his new book, “…expect to be surprised.” There are times when God is infusing my moments. Am I aware of God in my moments? Am I taking hold of the treasure he wants to give me?

Link to Denise Holman’s article.

Link to Brian Zahnd’s “What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life” book excerpt.

In closing, I’d just like to say that I appreciate the time that you invest in reading my blog. Thank you!



11 thoughts on “Toys, Tools and Treasures

  1. It is worth the investment of time for nuggets like this one, and also to get to know you a little better. :-)
    Thanks for taking the time to listen to God and then let us know what you learned. You are a good teacher.


  2. I found Denise’s article to be most enlightening! Thanks for the application and link! I like how you’ve applied Toys, Tools, and Treasures to non-material things. (Couldn’t think of a better word for it.) Good stuff!

  3. Thanks for the good food for thought. I think of visiting blogs as toy time….which, for me, is needed every now and again. :) I love visiting your blog, I always walk away smiling and refreshed.
    Which reminds me, I never thanked you for your comment on my Nothing Good blog post, in which you said, “That’s okay, I already knew you were messed up.” It made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed in a long time….I still laugh when I think of it. Thanks for cracking me up!

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