Get Away

My previous post was a guessing game. The thing the three pictures had in common was: SALT. Salt bricks, the formation on the salt flats and the salt flats at sunset were the pictures, respectively.

I am going back to El Salar de Uyuni! Uyuni is a city in Bolivia next to the world’s largest salt flats. It is a mysterious and marvelous place. I am so excited to be going back. Before I went with my friend her father. We had many fine adventures. This time I am going with my husband and another missionary couple who are dear friends of ours and also live here in Cochabamba: the Bulls. (You can visit Gary and Laura Bull’s blog here: Our kids are going to be cared for by members of our church.

We leave Tuesday morning. The first leg of the trip is a four hour bus ride from Cochabamba to Oruro. (Tomorrow’s Tuesday Tip is about riding the bus in Bolivia; you don’t want to miss it.) Then from Oruro we will take a six hour train ride to Uyuni. Those who have been reading since I blogged about my first trip to Uyuni back in 2007 might remember the significance that train ride had for me. Wednesday and Thursday we will be exploring the salt flats, a train grave yard, an inactive volcano, a mummy cave and centuries-old cactus islands. We will see flamingos, llamas and alpaca. The twilight hours of Friday morning will see our sleepy yet happy heads back on the train headed home.

On Saturday a package came in the mail from my mom. A new notebook was my gift. I will break it in taking notes on this trip. So fun!

I have yet to settle on my reading material. This is a critical decision.

No internet means no blogs. I have future posted the Tuesday Tip, but other than that I won’t be around the blogosphere until my return.

Please pray that we have a fun, refreshing, safe and healthy trip. You can also pray that my kids and the people helping care for them have a good time, too.

¬°Hasta luego, compadres!



14 thoughts on “Get Away

  1. Yay!

    I actually fell over on the one of the cactus islands and landed on a cactus. An espina embedded itself in my palm and I had to go to a Dr at the next (rather obscure) stop for a wee espinectomy – embarrassing! So keep your feet steady when traversing the paths on the islands :)


  2. Have fun! We will miss you in internet-land! Will be praying you have a fabulous trip and that your kids won’t miss you too much! :o)

  3. seeing as i’m [finally] getting caught up in the blogosphere… it’s too late to say “have a great time!” it’s kinda like watching a DVD version of a TV show… i can just jump to the next one to see what happened! i love it.

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