Wednesday Without Words



15 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. Jutta – Oops! You caught me. I went up there and fixed it. Thanks for mentioning it. Oh, and your profile pic is really nice.

    Alece – Is there a question there you are wanting me to answer? Or was it just reflection? I might have cleared it up with the title correction?

    1. the one with the car? God’s amazing answer to prayer – a church member loaned it to me for the months I am here. He does not even know me.

      1. :-) The one on your first comment here… a head shot with a blue shirt. The story about the car is amazing. That is so great when people step up to help unconditionally.

  2. Hi lovie. I am wondering, how did you get your name to post at the end of your entries. Is it a Word Press feature, or something I could try w/ mine at Blogger? The artist who made this by the way, is amazing. Sculpture is big in the NW. I have always liked it.


    1. Hi Roxx!
      2. saved creation to my computer
      3. uploaded it to my WordPress media files
      4. on each new post i access my media files and paste it in

      There might be a more automatic way to do it rather than pasting it every time, but that is the way I do it.

      Also, when you use that site to generate your signature and then save it to your computer it is small already so you don’t have to resize it for quick uploading and aesthetic proportioning.

    1. It is totally something in somebody’s yard! Crazy, I know! I think that they might be making it on commission or something like that and it will be moved later on. I dunno. I should ask them what is up with it because it is right up the street from our house.

  3. What an amazing sculpture!! Wrong setting, though – someone’s junky back yard just doesn’t do it justice. Perhaps the mounting of it is holding up progress … no pun intended.

  4. Ohhhh thank you for sharing, and thanks for having them send me an email… will take a look at your directions in your comment and the web site as soon as have chance. Your the bestest!


  5. you have quite an artist living right in your neighborhood?!
    I think I would like to have that sculpture right on the corner here at our gallery!
    What do you think?
    It is a great piece!

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