Raimy’s Golden Birthday

A golden birthday is the one that happens when the date corresponds with your new age that year. This year Raimy turned 11 on March 11th. We woke her with a hardy rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to You’. I was able to take cupcakes and juice to her class. That was a first as a mama. We had cake and presents at home before a lunch out. Then we finished by taking the kids to an afternoon showing of the movie ‘Inkheart’. They were especially happy to find out that it was in English. Raimy kept saying, “This is my best birthday ever. My prayer from last night is answered.” She is such a sweet soul.

Here are 11 pictures of her special day.


7 thoughts on “Raimy’s Golden Birthday

  1. What a lovely girl she is!
    Happy Birthday Raimy.
    Caleb and Paige had a golden birthday this year as well :-)
    They turned nine on the ninth.

  2. Jutta – Thanks! I will pass along the sentiments. Legend says that you stay your heart stays your golden age for the rest of your life. Not a bad deal. :-)

    Carin – That is cool! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I will let her know.

    Alece – Mine came and went unnoticed as well. Thanks for all the comments; I love it when you do that, makes me smile.

  3. Happy Birthday Raimy! What a great day you all had. What a lovely idea of taking cupcakes and juice to Raimy’s class, they would have loved that! Glad you all had fun and that it was Raimy’s “best birthday ever.”

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