So Far

So far so good with the adoption process. We got the last of our Stateside documents in the mail last week. Thank you for your prayers! Now the rest of the paper work will be done in Bolivia. Some of it has to take place in the capital city of La Paz and some of it here in Cochabamba. You can be praying for swiftness and favor as we keep on doing paper work. You can also pray that I have a patient and gracious attitude as well.

At times I wish that I could pay someone else to go do the tedious work of standing in line, making the calls, getting the information and meeting with officials. Then I remind myself that if I were carrying this child in my body there would be tedious moments of stretch marks, swollen ankles, a huge belly and hormonal mood swings. So while I wait for the moment that I will hold my daughter in my arms I will continue.

Our lawyer told us this week that we are considered nationals because we have permanent residence visas. This means we have preference over the international adoptive parents in other countries. This also means that our adoption should go faster. This is good news.


12 thoughts on “So Far

  1. FAVOR!!!! YEAHHHH!!! I’m so excited for this tidbit of news!! Oh how I hope I get to meet your little one in July!!! Should we dare to believe THAT big???

  2. Yeah! Ang you WON at Joy’s giveaway. Awesome, I love that this winningness is catchy! You have to show us a pic of what you ordered :) Great news on the adoption front too. Use your time in lines to pray for your little one!

  3. angie,
    For some reason I can’t find your e-mail addy. If you send it to me I’ll send you your gift certificate via e-mail….and you can shop! :)
    I’m glad you won!!

  4. Livvy Lu – I love how excited you get!

    Thumbuddy – Phil. 4:8

    Julie – Ha! Contagious winningness is right :-)

    Joy – Yay!

    Alece – In every job that’s to be done there is an element of fun; find the fun and snap…

  5. This is incredibly exciting. I am thrilled you are being given national favor. I also love your analogy between traditional and heart birth labor pains. You are bonding with your baby already.


  6. oh angie! i’m so exicted to hear that it is going well.
    i’m praying for you guys and that everything will continue to go smoothly.
    i’m waiting anxiously for the day when you finally get to post pictures of the new addition to the family! : )

  7. YEAH!!!! GOOD NEWS!!!! (And true enough about a pregnancy – way to put it in a good light. :) ) I’m so glad to hear things are moving along well!

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