Ximena [hee – may’ – nah] was adopted by an Italian couple last week. I cried. Yes, I was more happy than I was sad to see her going to such lovely parents. It really is a great set up. They have been processing this adoption for four years. This is their only child. She will be doted upon and loved. Yet, I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit sad.

Ximena had been with us for two years. In those two years we were a vital part of her livelihood. We poured our heart into hers. We laughed and played together. I can tell you what she likes and doesn’t like. I know her nature. I can recognize her sweet voice. She is part of me. Even if she doesn’t remember me I know that I have made a mark on who she is.


14 thoughts on “Ximena

  1. Angie,

    She is beautiful. You are amazing. I cannot even imagine what your heart is going through right now. Praise God for mothers & fathers in the church like you.

  2. How beautiful. I have tears for you, my friend. How rich her life has been to have been so loved.

    (and on another note – I worked with a girl once named Ximena. Spelled and pronounced just like that. I don’t think she was Bolivian, though …)

  3. Thinking about your adoption process and now seeing Ximena adopted has really gotten me thinking about how our Heavenly Father has adopted us as well. Adoption is just a really cool thing! If there wasn’t adoption we’d all be lost!!

  4. Roxx – Thank you for understanding.

    Danielle – You are so sweet.

    Alece – It is nice of you to say that.

    Anita la amorosa – Ximena is actually a common Spanish name.

    Libby – There are so many connections with adoption and our relationship with God.

    DaRonn – You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Mo – Thank you.

  5. What a blessing! I am so happy that she is going to such a wonderful home. We will miss seeing updates of her sweet little face but also be rejoicing for her new family life.
    You have done & are doing such a good thing. Your seeds of love will be spread with and through each and every one of these children.
    Love & prayers always.

  6. Oh wow. Sending you a hug as I’m sure the “adios” was emotional and with mixed feelings. I hope you get updates from her family and get to “journey” with her at different stages of her life. What a blessing that you were able to pour into her and plant seeds…maybe that you’ll never see, but know that you were faithful to love- There is no greater gift.

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