Trail Mix

On with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • I don’t even know where to start. All my beginnings and endings are mixing together.
  • Been working very hard these last few weeks.
  • Added a new page to the House of Dreams blog so you can see pics of all the kids we have at any given time. You can see it here: Kid Pics.
  • Our missionary friends finalized their adoption here in Cochabamba and brought home their little girl. Yay!
  • God has been working on me to grow, and I am feeling it.
  • On Saturday I celebrate 24 years since Christ found me. Wow.
  • Next week we are hosting good friends from the States. Gonna be good!
  • Finished reading the autobiography “Walking from East to West” by Ravi Zacharias. Good read.
  • Now reading a fascinating book called “Eternity in their Hearts” by Don Richardson.
  • Had a very good meeting with the ladies who help me lead the women at church.
  • Wondering when mornings are going to smooth out.
  • I know the investment into the changes it would take to make mornings run better but I am kinda feeling like the change bank is broke, or at least running low on funds.
  • Found chicha morada in a can at the grocery store.
  • Chinese food is good (not as good as Japanese though – wink) especially with a side of great conversation.
  • Getting 30 copies took me 30 minutes yesterday.
  • Going to the police department today to find out if I have any outstanding crimes.
  • Rearranged the hours of the gals who help in the house. Now all the weekdays are covered.
  • I know two people who have birthday’s on April fools day. Happy Birthday Aunt Kristy! Happy Birthday Julie!
  • Decidedly, I am an outdoors girl.
  • Looking for quotes on perserverance or an industrious attitude. Feel free to share.
  • Extremely curious to see what points get mentioned in the comments. Thanks for reading!



23 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. I talked to your friends who are coming this next week…and they are VERY excited to see you too!! (Am wishing I could come both times…but alas…patience!!)

    I’ve waited in that same copy place…don’t ya just want to jump behind the counter and do it yourself??

    What in the world is chicha morada?? and is it good??

    Glad to hear there’s no “nuts” in this mix!! :o)

  2. I love your trail mix and I keep thinking about doing something similar.
    Eternity in their hearts is the book I quote ever so often for doing anthropology, and finding the key to the heart of the people.

  3. Eternity in Their Hearts… Don Richardson worked right here in Papua, not too far from where we are living now! Just in case you didn’t know that already :-)

    Chicha morada… I’ve never heard of the morada kind, although we had a “colada morada” that we used to drink around easter time in Ecuador. And the chicha, well that was a whole different animal altogether :-)

  4. Steven – I like it! That even goes along with my road trip theme here. Thanks!

    Becky – Two reasons that we need to do the process for getting an official criminal record document: 1. For the adoption 2. To get our drivers’ licenses.

    Livvy Lu – Chicha morada is a drink made from: purple corn, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon juice. It is what it is. I like it. It has a smooth feel and flavor.

    Jutta – It is just fascinating to read and consider.

    Sarah – Ha! You made me laugh with your chicha remark. Yes, there is a cheap fermented drink made from yellow corn called chicha. It is a monster, like you said. This is made from purple corn and is non-alcoholic.

    Roxx – I wonder what the workings of my brain look like to an outsider. Hm.

    Thumbuddy – We’ll find out on Monday… :-)

  5. Ah, yes, a ‘buena conducta’…very common thing to have to do in Latin America, not so common back home! Chicha in Colombia is a fermented drink only, in Venezuela it’s a milky rice drink with cinnamon and sprinkles on top. And in Colombia, guarapo is also a fermented drink…so when my Venezuelan mother-in-law kept offering me guarapo, I politely refused until I watched her serve sweetened black coffee to the other guests and put two and two together! LOL! Funny how words change meanings from country to country…

  6. I’m an outdoor girl, too. I would much rather work in the yard than the house. I love to have my hands in the mud, rather than a sink full of suds. A long walk in the woods gives me much more pleasure than sitting in front of a movie. Yep.

    And those crimes??? Hmmm…

    “Walking from East to West” sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. ;)

  7. i love that a little girl was adopted by a christian family! yay!! wish i could figure out the financial end of that..i want i want!

    Mornings never smooth out as long as little ones are involved, i think i just get used to that morning routine, and someday they will be grown and I will have boring lonely mornings!

    outdoor girl..yes! me too

    ??? mama, why do you need to go to the police department to see if you have outstanding there a side to you we have not met yet…do tell!

    love your crunch and munch!! very tasty!

  8. Michelle – I hope you like the book. The way that you described the likes of us outdoors girls is perfect.

    Darla – All part of the process. One of the adoption documents that they require is a criminal report. We also need it to get our Bolivian drivers license too.

  9. Hi! I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it. I am also a missionary momma, but in Russia. Just thought I would say hello! God bless your family, work, adoption, and the many exciting things that you have going on! ~Ashley

  10. Wow, @ngie, so much to comment on here. How did the visit to the police department go? ;) Twenty-four years since Jesus found you, that’s beautiful, and a testimony in itself living with Him ever since :). ‘Eternity In Their Hearts’ by Don Richardson – this book actually came to mind for me when you and DaRonn visited Machu Picchu last year, because Richardson talks about its history, and also because there’s an amazing photo of it on the cover of my copy :) I hope you’re having a great time with your friends visiting! xo

  11. A lot of fun randomness here, Ang.

    I can’t stand chicha morada. It’s the cloves, I think. Hubby LOVES it though, so we brought home 10 liters (I’m not kidding) when we were in Bolivia last year.

    I’m so much an outdoors girl too. Too bad a lot of life happens inside.

    I really like Ravi Z. His accent adds to his intelligence. The Richardson book looks great. I’m putting it on my wishlist!

    Hilarious about your change bank. I’m feeling like I have insufficient funds in that bank too.

    Where is God working in you? What area is the Master molding right now?

  12. Wow never heard of Chica Morada either..but its sounds a bit like a thinner api? I actually heard that the ‘real’ chica is made by ladies who chew and spit out the corn ‘juice’ to make the drink…that put me off of trying it in any form!!

  13. Ashley – Thanks for saying hi! Welcome. Russia? That is great! I look forward to getting to know you.

    Birgit – We pick up the document from the police department today. As far as I know we have a clean record.

    Julie – 10 liters! That is funny! Hm, to answer your question I should ask where is God not working on me? It would seem that all that can be shaken is. In patience, in self-control, in seeing the big picture, in trusting Him enough to obey, in choosing to not complain or become fretful… pretty much the whole book of Philippians. It is daunting to know that I will be held responsible for what I am learning. For the most part, though, it is thrilling to know that He is not leaving me alone but that He has a plan for me. Thanks for asking.

    Rehanna – Yes, the flavor is similar to api.

  14. Well, you’ve already answered the question about the police department, so I don’t have a question on that … but I do love how you just snuck it in in the middle of everything.

    You sould tired my friend. Tiredness of the soul. Working hard, I take it. I understand. I’m there a little bit too. You have an indominable spirit – but I think you should take some time for ‘you’ too. That is not unsolicited advice. ;) Just my own opinion. And if I were there I would probably invite you out for a pedicure or something. :) Love you!

  15. i was simply going to ask: what on earth is chicha morada?

    but i see someone else did. your answer made me raise my eyebrows. hmmm… don’t think i’d like it.

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