Wednesday Without Words



14 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. I love your cacti! I’ve had fun catching up on your blog today… many congrats on the new wheels too… I’m sure it will give you so much freedom!

  2. Livvy Lu – Aaaahhhhh!!!! :-) I have a feeling I know what it is… You are a sly one girl!

    Becky – I have killed a few in my time too,

    Anita la chistosita – It is a good word.

    Mo – Sí!!!!!!!!

    Amy – Thanks!

    Thumbuddy – Cacti. Yes. And yes, I have seen that VT. Pretty cute.

  3. The first plant I ever owned was a cactus.

    I killed it.

    I learned even cactus need water…sometimes.

    Yours look great!

    Love God’s creation, but love the Creator more!!


  4. @annie Plantez is a word. It is French. And it means “(you, pl) plant!” ;-) But maybe you pronounced it differently and I could not hear it. ;-)

  5. Mom – Just picking them up at the market every once in a while. The first one I got was a gift on the day we moved from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba. I liked it so much I decided to get some more.

    Michelle – I have killed a couple in my time too.

    Darla – You could have said, “I am speechless.” :-)

    Jutta – Learn something new ever day…

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