Driver Log Day 3

So where are one and two? Day one I hit two birds with one stone. The first required document for getting my “licencia para conducir” (driver’s license) is also a document I needed for the adoption: “antecendentes policiales” (criminal history report). You drop off your request one day and pick it up in about 2 business days. Well that is all taken care of so that was day one and day two.

Today is day three.

I have no idea what this is going to be like. You ask 6 different people what you need to do to get a license you get 6 different answers. The funny thing is that they are all telling the truth! You just never know what kind of mood the officials will be in the moment you are with them. So what is my plan?

  1. Comfy shoes on
  2. Gather together all identification documents and the police report
  3. Make 5 photocopies of everything
  4. Put all of the above in an important papers folder
  5. Prepare about $200 in smallish Bolivian bills for the running around in taxis and paying of fees over the next few days
  6. Pack my bag: important papers folder, money, book, reading glasses, cell phone, notebook, and three pens
  7. Get a taxi to “tránsito” (Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV)

If you wouldn’t mind praying for me I would really appreciate it. I don’t want to lose my cool or get my dander up. I want favor with the officials. I want this process done as quickly as possible.

Eye on the prize: driving!



10 thoughts on “Driver Log Day 3

  1. $200 bucks huh?!!!! Wow. Well, it’s almost noon now, you’re time – Father, I ask for Your peace to accompany Angie as she travels all over Cochabamba today. I ask for divine appointments with each official she talks to, and ease of transport between here and her destination. Shine the brightness of Your face on her today Father God, and ordain all her steps in peace. In Jesus Name, amen.

  2. Oh, and by the way, I keep seeing you everywhere. Seriously. I’ve seen you about 3 times in the past week and a half. What is up?! Are you visiting MN or what?! ;) Perhaps God is asking me to pray for you more. Hmmmm.

  3. FAVOR AND BLESSINGS! Am praying that you come home with a driver’s license in your hands!! Can’t wait to hear the story…there’s gotta be something crazy in the middle of it somewhere!!

  4. Blessings. May God grant you favor in the eyes of the officials and papers for both driving and adopting. I’ll be praying. – I know, a little late maybe, but still praying.

  5. Thumbuddy – There are people who risk it and drive without a license. We have a bible school in the women’s prison. I have visited it. I prefer to maintain my visitor status there. The ordeal is quite involved, but I prefer it to the alternative. So, yes, it is going well.

    Anita la preciosita – Amen! Your prayers are so beautiful. Thank you!

    Anita la curiosa – How very curious that you keep seeing me everywhere. I have one of those faces. People come up to me all the time asking me where they know me from. What can I say? I will go with your theory though… yes, you need to pray from me more. :-)

    Julie – Just a blood test?! Wow.

    Mo – Why ask why? It is just the way it is. Thanks for understanding.

    Libby Lu – I know you are busy today, but maybe you can sneak a peak at the ongoing Driver Log that I posted today. Thank you for your prayers!

    Becky – No worries about the late read. Thanks for your interest.

    Ellie – Late prayers are still great prayers here because everything moves at a pretty slow pace. Which makes me ask the question, “Why do they call it rush hour when you are stuck in traffic jams not moving?” Thanks for your prayers!

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