Driver Log Day 4

(Link to “Day 3” first, if you want.)

My husband says that a rudder does no good if the boat is not moving. The application is that the Holy Spirit has a hard time leading us if we are not in some kind of movement.

I like to use the analogy of a car, naturally. When steering a parked car your efforts are in vain. You have got to start the car and put it in drive. I take the analogy from there talking about how we gas up, keeping up on maintenance and of course the interaction with other cars on the road. It is fun stuff! Coming back to the point. When you have got the car rolling (praying, moving in the direction of the vision or idea you feel that God has for you, asking, seeking, etc.) then you can get directions to know where to turn (get guidance from the Holy Spirit, listen for His leading, be on the look out for where He wants you to go). It is so important that we remain flexible and turn when He says turn instead of thinking we have it all figured out. It is also vital that we start with the attitude that we are going to enjoy the journey of surprises, route changes and rest breaks on His clock rather than ours. See, I can just keep going with this analogy… I’ll stop while I am ahead.

Yesterday I started with a rough idea of what the day would look like. It ended way different!

At about the same time I was blogging I updated my FaceBook status. A conversation ensued. In it a couple of friends who live here in town commented. One said she knew of a lawyer who could expedite the process. The other said he and his wife would join me and DaRonn in getting our licenses with this lawyer. A few phone calls later I was on my way down town. I am so thankful that this all happened before I got out the door to go down to “Transito” (department of motor vehicles).

I took a book with me for the longish taxi ride and the anticipated wait in the office of the lawyer. Seeing as I didn’t have the phone number my plan was to drop in and hope he was there.

He wasn’t. Good thing his partner was. They share an office so I was asked to take a seat and wait. An hour and a quarter of my book later I was talking with the esteemed Doctor Alberto Herbas N., abogado (lawyer). He tells me what I need to do to get the process in motion.

This morning I will meet up with him again to give him copies of our i.d. cards and half of the total cost up front (total cost being: 1,000 Bolivianos or $143 U.S. per person). He will get our names on a list that allows us to circumvent the driver’s ed. classes and the driving test. After a week he will help us get the final paperwork processed. Then a couple days after that we will spend a morning with him at “Transito” filing said paperwork, signing things, getting our pictures taken, and registering the licenses electronically in the police system. Then a couple days after that we will go down to pick up our licenses. We are saving SO MUCH time.

Having this lawyer to help us maneuver through the system and having my friends along for the ride is making this turn out to be bearable.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your lovely comments. I will keep you posted as the process continues.



7 thoughts on “Driver Log Day 4

  1. WOW! Angie, I had no idea that it would be sooooo complicated and soooo expensive. That would be culture shock for me. It is good to have connections it sounds like. Good luck with your endevers.

  2. FAVOR & BLESSINGS INDEED!!! God is so crazy good, isn’t he??!? I’m so excited to hear more about this journey. Sounds like you’ll have a few less pit stops and oil changes on this route!! It’s almost as if you’re a passenger in a limo with a professional driver. Just sit in the back, prop up your feet, sip your chilled chicha morada and enjoy the ride!

    P.S. The day went splendidly! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

  3. Angie!! You sound so bubbly and so happy! :D That makes me happy. I’m glad you are on this route (haha) with such an amazing chauffeur. Being driven around in style. :) haha!

  4. Wow, what a process. What a blessing each time there is one less step, one less day to wait. Sending our prayers & love.

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