Driver Log Day 5

Waiting in a climate controlled lawyers office downtown where I can sit comfortably and read in silence is preferred over the alternative. I am making yet another trip down to Doctor Herbas on Jordan street. This is what he needs at this stage:

  • Our police reports
  • Photocopies of our police reports
  • Photocopies of our passports
  • Photocopies of our rent contract
  • Photocopies of our last paid light and water receipt
  • Photocopies of our missionary certificate

I drop those things off in an hour. After all those are filed in the right offices we will then be making a trip down to INTERPOL to get our international criminal report. We have done this before for other legal processes. I will bite my tongue and not comment on the appearance nor the proficiency of that office. I will just say it is not like in the movies.



5 thoughts on “Driver Log Day 5

  1. Angie, I have been to Bolivia, I have seen how they drive. you would think that if people have to go through so much to get a drivers licence they would drive more carefully. Strange. Here you just need to be 16 and there you go, you can drive. Good luck at INTERPOL

  2. Any possibility of concealing a video camera in your sunglasses and taking us on a tour of said INTERPOL office? hehe. Well, being INTERPOL they may not take too kindly to you taping them surreptitiously. So maybe not. A microphone in your lapel pin? Uh. But then it’d all be in Spanish. We might not get it. Of course, that’d be the same problem with a video tape. Hm. I’m shooting my own ideas down!

  3. In my mind now I have all this fabulous spy soundtrack songs playing in my head…a little James Bond, Pink Panther, and Mission Impossible!

    Let us know how this mystery unfolds!!

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