It is official folks. I am a legal driver in the nation of Bolivia! To celebrate I am going to PAR – TAY with my girl friends tomorrow night. Yes!!!

Bolivian Drivers License

The back has a bar code, a number, the type of license it is and reads:

Mister Driver. Do not be reckless. The life you save could be your own. Be cautious.

Alrighty then.




17 thoughts on “GOT IT!

  1. I love the saying on the back of the card! Reminds me of my dear mother, single parent, who used to tell me each time I took the car out, “The car you save is my own!!”

    Have fun driving and feeling the wind whip through your hair!!

  2. Hooray! Congratulations!
    I just caught up reading your blogs of this week. What an Odyssey! Even though not unfamiliar to me. I am so glad you got your license now.
    “Mister Driver” – this is funny and lets me guess that there are not a lot of female drivers in the country. Am I right?

  3. Congratulations!!!! I’m way behind on my blog reading (long story, has to do with the swine flu and school being conducted at home for 2 weeks), so sorry this is late…so exciting, though, for you! :)

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