Abe’s Chance

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”   Abraham Lincoln*

It was probably in a Maxwell book that I first was exposed to this quote. It appealed to me because I am a preparer. Planning, weighing the options, making comparison charts, looking at pros and cons, attending classes,  studying, plotting time lines and just plain thinking are some of my favorite things to do.

Since the beginning of the year I have been looking into writing more. My personal writing has increased. I also want to branch out to more public writing (i.e. books, magazines, articles, etc.) I even did some informal research. Like old Abe, I have been preparing.

A chance came! I have been invited to be on the writing team for a blog. Ana Degenaar has her own blog. But she has also put together a site for moms. She is so sweet! We are neighbors, sort of. She lives in Brazil with her husband and baby. They are missionaries. The greatest part about this set up is that Ana is an artist so she is encouraging creativity and giving us lots of free space to write what we want, how we want to.

My first instinct was to think about it. After a bit of that I remembered that this was something I had been hoping for. Instead of me searching for a venue the opportunity found me. I am so happy! I am now the Thursday writer for the blog. Yeah!

Here is the link: “Everyday M. Moms” **

Today my first entry is featured there: “Grass Green”

So, how about that? This is going to be fun!


*Quote taken from: ThinkExist.com

** Or copy and paste this in your browser address bar: http://everydaymmoms.blogspot.com/

15 thoughts on “Abe’s Chance

  1. Oh how cool!! I’m gonna try to bring you a resource that my Mom used to get every year to help inspire her to send off her publications!! I think you’ll love it!

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