Dyslexic Drama

My case is not severe, but it’s enough to get me in trouble. I switch numbers around very frequently. I have to pay very close attention when dealing with those dodgy digits. It is hard for me to memorize a long string of numbers because I am frequently second guessing myself. My dyslexia is manageable… most of the time.

Now a bit of an adoption update with some dyslexic drama thrown in there to mix things up a bit.

In order to adopt in Bolivia a formal request must be made to the judge. The judge evaluates you and then assigns a child to you. You can request gender, health condition and age, but in the end the judge makes the final decision about which child you adopt.  To make this formal request to adopt we have to have all our papers in order. Since December this is what we have been doing… documents, papers, certificates, etc.

Finally, our lawyer told us that we had all the documents we need to make the request. She wrote up the letter to the judge called a ‘memorial’. After running around getting all the official stamps and seals and paying all applicable fees we presented our request at the judge’s office. Two days later we received our request back telling us we needed two more documents. Our lawyer said this is normal to expect that they will request something new that they have never requested before. She told me that to give them what they needed we had to get a legalized photocopy of each of our Bolivian i.d. cards from immigration.

Oh, how that word makes me cringe! Immigration. Bless their hearts, I am sure they do their best. It just seems we have problems every time we are down there. To get the legalized photocopy of your i.d. card it should only take 48 hours. Ours ended up taking 7 days.

Truth be told, for what they had to accomplish that is actually pretty fast. When I returned after the regular 48 hours the gal told me there were problems. She said that the card I had got from their office had the wrong passport number on it. There are two numbers on the card: your passport number and your Bolivian identification number. Two numbers were switched around on my passport number. The gal brought in the guy, David, who had processed my i.d. card. This is how our conversation played out.

David: Do you remember when I handed you the sheet of paper with your information on it to verify that everything was correct?

Me (with a pathetic frown and eyes beginning to mist) : Yes.

David: Do you remember signing the page as an approval that the information was correct?

Me: Yes. But it is just that I have dyslexia.

David (eyes popping out of his head in surprise) : Ma’am, you have dyslexia?! Why didn’t you say so when you were checking the document?

Me (more pathetic frowning and worried eyes) : I didn’t think it was important to say.

David: It is so very important that you inform us of things like that. Stay here. I will see what I can do.

As he left I was thinking of the 19 other reasons I had not mentioned it before. Not the least of which being a fussy two year old on my lap in a small stuffy office waiting for three hours for our turn in line that fateful day. My wallowing was interrupted by a solution. Yes, you read that right, a solution! Quoting Willy Wonka quoting Shakespeare, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” What’s more is that he took responsibility for the mistake as his own.

I was still in a speechless daze as he ushered me to the door and told me to come back the next day to get a new i.d. made. Amazing! Sure, it meant more lines, waiting, fees, forms, etc. But it was a solution! That is why I said I was surprised that they got done what they did as quickly as they did. Thank you, Jesus, for favor! Thank you, friends, for praying!

So, then with the legalized photocopy of the corrected i.d. card we were off to the lawyer’s office to give them these documents. She printed out another letter of intent. Told us to get it stamped and pay the fees to turn it into the judge’s office.

I turned it in on Monday. They told us that they would inform our lawyer of the results of the request by Wednesday. The lawyer called me this afternoon (Thursday) to let me know that they wanted a legalized photocopy of our marriage certificate. We had that one done already! So I ran that down to their office. The lawyer says that we should hear from them in the next couple business days and that they shouldn’t be asking for any more documents at this point. Let it be so, please Lord.

When we get the judge’s approval of our intent to adopt we will take her official permission to the social service office. They will then have thirty days to complete three different studies of us and our family. I think that they are medical, social and I can’t remember the other. Anyway, after those reports are complete social services will present their findings to the judge. At which time the judge will them assign us a child to adopt.

Are you capturing what this means? If all goes smoothly we should know which little girl we are adopting by the end of June! It is like the ominous sonogram to reveal the gender of your baby when you are pregnant. That will mark seven months of this process. Sonograms at that stage in the pregnancy are very revealing.

So after the assignment there are another two months of frequent interactions with social services, a few audiences before the judge and turning in documents. We will also be able to request court orders to visit our new daughter at whichever home is caring for her.

It may turn out that this adoption will take nine months start to finish. How poetic! Unless she is a premie; I wouldn’t mind that in the slightest.

I do apologize for being repetitive. These long posts are mainly to keep the family abreast of where we are. It is also for posterity. I would imagine, too, that there may be a future adoptive family that will benefit from hearing our story.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers. I have felt needed strength that I know did not come from myself on various occasions these last couple months. It is your continued prayer that makes all the difference in the world.



7 thoughts on “Dyslexic Drama

  1. Wow, the end of June! That’s coming up pretty quick, very exciting! :) And like you said, if it happens on time, the nine month time frame IS very poetic!

  2. So glad things are moving along for you! Exciting.

    The third set of studies: psychological (yeah, a fun one!).

    As for the “30 days by law” to complete the bio-psico-social reports of the applicant family, well, um……I haven’t heard of it actually going that fast in a while now. So don’t get your hopes up. We’ll praise God for a MIRACLE if they actually complete AND turn in their reports to the court after 30 days!!

  3. Oh ANG!!!! I’m so excited!!! I’m still believing that Shauna and I will get to meet your little one in July while we’re there!! So I guess I too am standing on the preemie side of things! But I got BIG FAITH!! :o)

    Big, big hugs! God is SOOOOO good!

    Love ya!
    Livvy Lu

  4. Oh, Angie! You probably know that I am dyslectic, too. I so feel with you and I am abundantly grateful that they gave you grace for it. Jutta

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