Tasty Music

My music tastes good.

On iTunes there is a feature called Playlists. They are groupings of songs that you make and save. Then when you want to listen to that grouping of songs you simply tap it and let it run. Here are my playlists:

Tasty MusicAny guesses to the logic behind the groupings?



15 thoughts on “Tasty Music

  1. Oh I do love a good puzzle…so here’s my guesses…!

    Angel food – Christian music
    Arroz – Latin/Spanish music
    Cucumbers & Tomatoes – Vegetarian music??
    Hot Chocolate – Gotta be romantic stuff…cuz chocolate and hot = romance, right??
    Mixed Drinks – Compilation albums??
    Peppy Peeps – Holiday tunes?
    Pop Rocks – Rock & Pop tunes
    Wraps – Hip hop/Rap

    P.S. Did you ever get 3 Easter packages from us…or just the one. Just curious. :o) (The peeps made me wonder!!)

  2. Fun playlist names! I am with libzsonshine on most of her guesses up there. Although I would say that maybe Mixed Drinks are your “mix” lists for when you want a mix of different kinds of music. I would say Peppy Peeps are dance music? I really have no idea :-) I love the names, though!

  3. I like it! You definitely put time into your itunes music lists…wish I had the dedication to do that :) Angel Food Cake = light listening music ??? just a guess :)

  4. I’d say the cucumbers and tomatoes would be something light and fresh? Though Danielle might be right about the kids Bible music (still light and fresh, though).

    The hot chocolate would be music that makes you feel good. Warm, cozy music, including–but not limited to–love songs.

    Peppy peeps–things that are upbeat and fun?

    I think Libzsonshine is probably right about the rest.

  5. So ya’ wanna know, eh?


    Here is the decipherment:

    Angel Food Cake – I can join the heavenly beings and worship to this music.

    Arroz Español – Songs in Spanish.

    Cucumbers and Tomatoes – Love the Veggie Tales guesses! Bob and Larry did come to my mind when I chose my favorite fresh vegetable combo to title my workout music playlist.

    Hot Chocolate – And what goes well with Hot Chocolate? Marshmallows, of course. This is mellow music. Hot Chocolate is soothing as well so you might call this soothing tunes.

    Mixed Drinks – International music. In other words, songs in languages other than English or Spanish.

    Peppy Peeps – Feel good, peppy or fun music.

    Pop Rocks – Rock and Pop. Pop Rocks are a fun candy, by the way.

    Wraps – Rap.

    1. i was thinking the same thing. i’m not sure i have any in my itunes…if i do its cuz my friend uploaded some of his music on to our computer. way to be diverse, ang!

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