Bears and Parsley

Over here today talking about bears and parsley:

Mama Bear
(Click the image to link to the article)

In that precise moment I had a choice of how to respond. I could become repulsed by the tradition and offended by the unsolicited advice. I could obey this command to the letter of the law in hopes to gain a convert. Or I could thank the woman for the advice, be amused and go about my merry way.



5 thoughts on “Bears and Parsley

  1. BRILLIANT!!!!

    This pretty much sums it up. Great post!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and so sorry I have been such a space cadet. Really busy season (your understanding on that is oh so appreciated – thanks to for your recent support on this topic as well).


  2. Oh Angie! You have no idea how timely this post was! For the past several weeks everyone and their dog has been giving me advice and products about how to make Piper’s dry skin on her face go away! Everything from Patrolium jelly, to Olive Oil! What do I do….I try them only to find out that it makes it worse! Then I always go back to the one thing that seems to be working and it was what I found….not someone else! So the other day I said, “That it! No more!” Now when people comment about her “dry skin face” (which in all honesty is not that bad and tends to bother everyone else but her and me! :)) I just smile and say, “Thanks!” :)

    Great post!!!

    1. Sarah, I am so glad to hear that this post was helpful to you. Thank you for letting me know! Now, as to rubbing Olive Oil on your baby’s face… that just sounds messy! But, hey, whatever works. I’ve always used, you know, baby lotion. Ha! :-) You are a good mom.

      1. I’ll admit, I tried it! After all….olive oil does have good properties and the person who told me about it I really trusted (and I still do….we laugh about it even now!). However, I think olive oil is probably better for the African skin tone than our white pasty skin. I did sorta feel like I was putting an oil rub on a chicken when I put it on Piper! :) ha! Oddly enough it’s much like baby oil without the smell. Poor Piper just couldn’t handle the oils…..even baby oil. (Takes after her momma!) So now, I just stick with good old baby lotion (actually this one is a cream. :)). Oh well….

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