Asphalt. Oak. Marble. These three things have something in common. They are hard but good. They afford endurance and reliable durability. You can trust these materials with unwavering certainty.

This past month I have had to make a hard but good decision. It is hard because it means change. Effort is always involved in change. Scrutiny and questions are parts of change. Those are the things that make it hard. There are good things too, they will just not be seen right away.

By nature I am made of sturdy and reliable stuff. I am totally into long-term commitmment and endurance. I am not so interested in doing just to do. What I commit to must be tied directly to a worthwhile purpose. I am flexible in strategy and immovable in principal.

As the asphalt is a path so the Lord can make me a solid surface for His gospel to advance. As the oak is cut into pieces so the Lord can construct my life to be useful. As the artist chisels the mass of marble to create a masterpiece so the Lord can shave off what is not pleasing to Him in my character to create a life that causes others to stand in awe of the greatness and glory of God.

When I felt that there needed to be a change in the way we do womens ministry at our church it was the idea of endurance that allowed me to make the hard but good decision. I went back to the main idea. The goals were not being met. So we are changing our strategy, remembering our purpose and adjusting.

It was hard but it is good.

What is a hard but good decision you have had to make in your life?



6 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. Hmmm! I am thinking about not checking my e-mails in the morning but first doing several hours of studying. Because I really need to push harder to finish my final paper in time. Often it takes me more than an hour to get through the e-mails and answer the most urgent once. But by then my concentration starts fading. :-(

    1. It is amazing to me how vital those first few hours of the day are. My afternoon hours are nothing like my first hours of the day. I like the freshness of working in the morning. It is practically torture for me if I have to do any mental exertion in the afternoon.

  2. I am flexible in strategy and immovable in principal.

    LOVED that!!!!! Seriously. Felt like I was at a football game and there was a touchdown. AWESOME.

    Good for you for making the tough but needful decisions. Christ-like, right there!

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