The Second Interview

Tuesday morning I wasn’t as jittery as the previous week. On our way down to the social service office we wondered what they could possibly want to know about us that they didn’t cover in the first interview. Evidently our childhoods are an important element for evaluating if we are suitable adoptive parents. For a solid hour they asked about our relationships with our siblings, our parents, and our extended families. They asked about where we lived, what our neighborhoods were like, what we liked to do as kids, what our adolescent years were like and what our teen years were like. They asked about what we learned from our parents that we would like to transmit to our own children. We laughed as we dug up old memories of pranks pulled on our siblings. Tears of gratitude moistened our eyes as we called to remembrance what our parents have instilled in us. We sighed in relief and smiled when they told us that the interview had come to a close.

Next week is a big one. Tuesday I will go in for a personal interview with the psychologist. Then Wednesday the psychologist will meet with DaRonn. Any day the social worker will visit our home. We both don’t have to be present for that, nor do our children. She just wants to see the space we have and the bedrooms. They didn’t mention an interview with the whole family. So that might happen, it might not. We are still waiting for them to give us the go ahead to present our blood work to the clinic they work with.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. They are really helping to keep things rolling smoothly. Here is the short list of prayer requests for this coming week:

  • My psych eval.
  • DaRonn’s psych eval.
  • The home visit.

Thanks so much for walking alongside us in this process.



15 thoughts on “The Second Interview

  1. Oh I’m sooooo very excited for you guys! I will continue to pray FAVOR over this whole process…and PEACE for your nerves. How very exciting!! Thanks so much for keeping us posted!!

    Big, big hugs!

  2. I like that they wanted to know about family relationships, sibling stuff and what your parents taught you that you want to pass to your children. Your new daughter is going to be so blessed to be part of your family:-)
    Prayers continue…

  3. It’s wonderful to meet you, Angie! Your blog looks amazing and your family, beautiful! I love hearing adoption stories–they are just the heartbeat of God! I pray it all goes smoothly and quickly for you!

  4. Wow! What an interview. Really, how did it feel to go back there in such a formal way? If I were to have an interview like that I don’t know what would bubble up to the surface first. Would it be the important stuff, or silly stuff and I’d leave out vital stuff. I guess that’s where prayer comes in, that God would give you the words. It’s rare that one would need to talk about that stuff with anyone other than family or a therapist!

    1. Emily – How did it feel? Honestly, very uncomfortable. I have a hard time justifying transparency and guardedness. I had to be on my guard and watch them closely to see that I was saying the right things, or at least saying things the right way. Then on the other hand I didn’t want to come off as insincere so I tried to be transparent.

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