Third and Fourth Interviews

Today I participated in my first ever psychological evaluation. The psychologist left the room twice during the interview to help some co-workers with urgent issues. I imagine that means that she was not too concerned about my mental state. The whole of the evaluation consisted of me drawing a handful of pictures and writing a small story about one of them. I like drawing and I like writing stories, so this was a painless three quarters of an hour.

She then said that she wants one more meeting with DaRonn and I together. That will be Friday morning.

After I got done with her I asked if we could schedule the home visit. She said that took place with the social worker. She went to grab her. When the social worker came out of her office I asked when we would be able to do the home visit. She said right now. So we climbed in the truck and I brought her to the house where DaRonn and Tyler were. I offered some coffee, she accepted. As I prepared it DaRonn showed her around. Tyler flirted with her. We then sat down in the living room and she asked some economical questions. I then asked her if I could get the order for the blood work that I would take to the clinic. She made it out for us. Overall she seemed pleased and said some nice things about us. Whew!

Then she wanted to find a time this week that she could meet our kids. So that is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I will go to social services and pick her and possibly the psychologist up at 4:30 and bring them here to our house. Good thing I love driving because she needed a ride back to social services as well this morning.

DaRonn goes in for his psychological evaluation tomorrow morning. When this week is through we will have had five meetings related to the adoption. Good stuff. I am glad it is rolling along.

Our lawyer said we need to get one more medical report done by a urine sample. Then we take the findings into the clinic. We might do that Friday afternoon. Then the people at the clinic will turn in their official report to the social services office.

When that is done the social services team will make a complete report of medical, psychological and social findings to present to the court. The judge will use these findings to assign us a child.

If you are still with us in prayer thank you so much. It helps so much, especially in a full week such as this one. Here are the points you can touch, if you don’t mind:

  • DaRonn’s psych eval
  • The home visit with the kids
  • The final meeting with DaRonn and I together with the psychologist
  • The medical report to be expedient
  • The full report to be completed and given to the court in a favorable and timely fashion

I am really getting excited about all this!


5 thoughts on “Third and Fourth Interviews

  1. Everything is going so FAST!!!!! Praise GOD as that is counter-culture in Bolivia!!! I’m SOOOO very excited for you and am amazed at God’s goodness and favor!

    Will keep on praying along the same lines AND pray that the children will feel very comfortable for their visit tomorrow! I would think they would shine like the beacons they are!! Oh ANGIE!!! I so can’t wait to come and give you a big hug!!!

    P.S. National Sushi day is Thursday the 18th!! You might need to go celebrate!! :o)

  2. wow @ng – i’d have been a bit stressed if i had no notice of a home eval! but i guess that’s better than a 3 month long wait! this seems (from this end) to be moving pretty quickly. excited for you! you having any contractions?!

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