5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Interviews

5th – DaRonn got to do his drawing yesterday. He has been evaluated, psychologically speaking.

6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th – At the second home visit yesterday afternoon the psychologist and the social worker took each of the kids off to the side and talked with them. The kids thought they were pretty hot stuff because they were asked what they felt about the adoption. The big kids were honest and chatted with confidence. Tyler just flirted. Hey, whatever works, right?

The ladies were pleased with the visit. They said they were trying to get everything done quickly so that they could present their reports to the judge. They said it would be a matter of weeks and we would have our girl. (!!!) Yes, they are that confident. Whew! Do you think that the oatmeal cookies I served had anything to do with it? The fact that they had seconds might indicate it to be so.

Friday morning we will wrap up the interviews with three things. Once more with DaRonn and I with the psychologist. Once more both of us with the social worker. A final sit down with the lawyer who directs the “escuela de padres” (parents school). As she was informing us of the agenda for Fri. AM I stopped her. I told her that I was under the impression that the “escuela de padres” took place one evening a week for a month. Here is what the psychologist said, “We have seen that you are experienced parents and that you are capable of parenting an adopted child. One meeting with the lawyer is fine.” It seemed almost like a formality that they were most interested in dispensing with. The social worker just smiled real big and nodded vigorously in agreement. Thank you God!

Wow, you guys, the prayers are working! Here are the updated prayer points:

  • That ‘parents school’ would go smoothly
  • That a discrepency with the blood work would be cleared up with no problems
  • That the report being written would be turned into the judge and attended to by her quickly

Thanks so much folks! You are so awesome.



11 thoughts on “5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Interviews

  1. Yippee!!!! I’m still SOOO excited for you guys!! Am gonna continue to pray favor and peace over this whole thing! (Why change something that appears to be working, eh?) Maybe Shauna and I really will meet your little one!! Oh I’m so excited!!

    I think the lawyer will ask you guys if you will be able to teach the parent’s school and immediately want your applications!! :o) Definitely no need to worry, Ms. Exceptional Parent of the week!!!

    I TOTALLY want to try your oatmeal cookies!! Those things must be divine!!!

    Big, big hugs!
    Livvy Lu

  2. I’m so excited for you, Angie! I can’t wait for you to have your next little one, and for her to have you! What a blessing you will be to that little life.

    Love you!

  3. Angie .. gracias por compartir esto con nosotros. Ahora estoy muy emocionada por ustedes y les deseo todo lo mejor. Sabes, deberias escrbir un diario sobre de adopcion, para que tu hija pueda leerlo cuando tenga edad para entenderlo. En este momento describes no solo los hechos, sino tambien tus emociones y sentimientos, cosas que ella deberia conocer a detalle. Asi sabra que ya la amaban antes de conocerla, no es cierto? Felicidades Angie, ustedes dos son maravillosos!!!

    1. Así es, Esther. Yo he tenido en mente escribir las historias de la llegada de cada uno de mis chicos. Es verdad que será como un tesoro para ellos saber lo que estaba pensando y como me sentía antes que los ví por primera vez. No se si lo haré en una plataforma publica, todavía.

      Muchas gracias por tu apoyo, amiga. Tus palabras me dan mucho aliento.

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