10th, 11th, Escuela de Padres and Medical

This week has been jam packed with adoption stuff! It has been fast, and I am grateful for that. Today the psychologist sat down with me for about 15 minutes and had me describe what I saw in various distorted scenes one by one. Then DaRonn took his turn. That was the last of the interviews / evaluations. Then we had to do the ‘escuela de padres’ (parents school). It ended up being split into two parts. The first part was with the social worker and the psychologist. They are so sweet!

They kept on saying, “What more can we say, you are great parents.” I was slightly embarrassed how they took a good 15 minutes and just talked about how impressed they were with our relationship, our family, our communication skills, how we have fun together, how romantic we are. Three things just made me want to jump up and kiss them both on the cheek. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a tear in my eyes as they spoke.

First, they said, “Whichever little girl gets to live in your family will be very blessed.” Amen.

Next, they said, “We were so touched by what Angie said in the truck the other day when she explained that you would want a child that would come between Tyler and Gabrielle so that she would not feel excluded, rather as part of the family. That is so important that the child is made to feel like they belong.” This is especially encouraging because the age thing has been an issue. Our lawyer has intimated that it is necessary to be open to the idea of adopting a baby because the judge prefers to assign a child younger than the youngest biological child. We had prepared ourselves for that outcome. Now, with the interviews with these gals it looks like they might advise the judge to consider allowing us to adopt a girl of three or four years old like we had planned in the outset.

Finally, they both were speaking at the same time as they said quite seriously and yet with huge imploring smiles on their faces, “Would you consider adopting two or three children? Please, just two or three? Let’s just do it now. What do you say about two or three?” They finally stopped begging when we told them that we wanted to see how this goes but the door is not closed. We will be open to the idea. They clasped their hands together and were very pleased. My heart about burst!

After we were done with them they gave us a warm good-bye. They gave us professional yet affectionate hugs and wished us well. Then they ushered us into the office of the last member of the team, the lawyer. We made an appointment with him for later in the afternoon.

[Brief interlude for take out fried chicken for lunch at home with the fam and opening presents for my birthday. In addition to the blog facelift that I am in the process of getting my wonderful husband and kids got me: chocolates, a cool reading lamp, a jar of tiny green olives with pimentos, and a fancy-dancy coffee / cappuccino / espresso machine. Anyone want to come over to my house? My kitchen is a veritable coffee bar. Turning 33 rocks!]

So, then we returned to social services for the second half of parents school. The lawyer was lethargic and drab, to be quite honest. His youthful appearance had me hoping for a more interesting session. He flipped through the booklet containing the legal code for adoptions. He touched on some important points about our rights and the child’s rights. I was so glad that I had tried out my coffee maker before I left the house so I could stay awake. It helped, too, that it was only about 15 minutes long. He shook our hands and shewed us out the door.

Then we were off to turn in the medical reports. There had been a bit of confusion when the social worker told us we would have to present blood work on us and all our kids. The lawyer got it straightened out for us. Thanks for your prayers about that. The place we had to go was heck and gone on the other side of town. Our lawyer had also advised us on what tests we needed done at the lab. There were six or seven in all. So we came with results in hand. The doctor seemed pleased that we had already had all that done. It made her job smoother. She said she would have the report sent to social services on Monday.

That means that all the evaluations, interviews, classes and medical exams required are completed. The complete report will be done next week. They will send it on over to the judge. She will then assign our child and we can begin visitations as we finish up with the legal stuff.

Dare I say it? I do believe we will be able to meet our daughter in the month of July. I am trying to keep my feet on the ground and my game face on. I know we have ended this phase victorious. Now we are entering the next phase. What does it hold for us? Will then judge look favorably on us? Will things move quickly? Let’s pray over those points together, please. I really have felt that the prayers we have lifted together have made a big difference. Here are the points in bullet form:

  • That the report gets made and sent quickly
  • That the judge attends to our case quickly
  • That we have favor with her
  • That we will remain in peace yet not become lax

Whew! It has been a big day, a good day. I am so grateful to the Lord for His hand in all this. It has been amazing to watch. Truly amazing. And do you know what? The best is yet to come!



9 thoughts on “10th, 11th, Escuela de Padres and Medical

  1. As I read each post my excitement grows!! What a beautiful and exhilarating birthday!! God has poured out His favor in BUCKETS around you!!! Will keep standing with you in prayer and will believe that God will give you the little girl the age you’d like!

    Favor and peace will continue to be my prayer! And as always…am believing that I’ll get to meet her too, so very soon!!!

    Big, big squishy hugs!!!
    Livvy Lu

    P.S. I got tears in my eyes and God goose bumps on my arms!! Good things are coming!!

    P.P.S. You’ll have a late b-day gift coming in July!! :o)

  2. Wow, wow and again wow. What a week! (I only now found the time to catch up.) But how awesome the Lord has answered prayers. Finishing the major part of the paper work on your birthday – what a gift. And they ask you to take more than one? Hilarious but a great testimony to what they have seen in your family and also for their concern for orphans that need a home. I’m so glad for you and will keep praying.

  3. Hello family by surfing on the web i found your website about adopting a child in Bolivia , we adopted last year a son Jonathan from CCB. We now in the proces off starting up an second adoption from Bolivia we have finisched our doccuments and are waiting to legalize them.

    We wisch you good luck and God bless you.

    Greetings Anneke mom off Jonathan

  4. I am covered in goose bumps @ngie, I love it when God pulls out all the stops to bless someone!!!
    You and your daughter, continue to be in our prayers and we look forward to meeting the newest Washington soon:-)

  5. YEAH!!! Can’t wait to see her! (um … a teeny fraction of how much you can’t wait to see her) hooray! Praise God for His faithfulness and continuing to open smooth doors of operation!

  6. Jutta – Yes, it really is wonderful! Thanks for the prayers.

    Anneke – Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish you the best in your current adoption.

    Carin – Yes, soon!

    Anita mi amiga – It will be so amazing to see her. Amen to smooth doors!

  7. Angie,
    I am so excited to read about you and DaRonn as you go through this process! I am not surprised at all by the social worker and psychologist’s remarks. You two are obviously meant for each other and are great examples of awesome parents! I’m looking forward to hearing about your new little girl and about the rest of the adoption process. Good luck with everything!

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