Did I take a wrong turn?

former @ngie blog

You are at the blog of Angie Washington.

What do you think?

Shauna Callaghan helped me out with the changes. She has fielded my hundreds of questions with prompt and enthusiastically efficient responses. I have been very pleased by her services.

Here are some of the new features you will find here:

  • Video of the week EDIT: feature videos will be displayed in The Billboard; it might be weekly, it might be more frequent, it might be less frequent…
  • Painting in the image box changes daily EDIT: not so daily, more like every few seconds… but I will be putting new sets up every once in a while.
  • Honk option (contact page)
  • Bumper sticker – you can grab the code to have a link on your page to my page
  • Quick print on the individual posts (do people actually use paper still?)
  • Pit Stops link directory to the latest posts

Oldies but goodies:

  • Comment boxes on the posts
  • Fun pictures
  • The address (um… obviously.)
  • Along for the Ride (recent comments)
  • Rides page
  • @ngie, me (um… yeah.)

I would love to hear what you think. If you run into a snag or have a suggestion then please let me know. You can use the comment box on this post or head on over the honk page.

Thanks for riding along! Get it? Riding. Reading. :-)


10 thoughts on “Did I take a wrong turn?

  1. I lost you on my Google Reader feeder…and for what ever reason it doesn’t recognize my Word Press Login!

    How do I get you back in my reader!! I MUST stay in the loop!!! :o)

  2. Yeah…I just went to check it out in further detail and my reader shows the Parent’s school as the last post. Will try to figure out why…

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