Switching Gears

switching gears title

Wow, I was just sitting here contemplating. I realized that I am in a truck load of transition right now.

  • My kids just started three weeks of winter break
  • We completed a major step in the adoption process
  • Many of my friends have been traveling, or will be traveling soon
  • A brother and sister duo who have been with us for a month volunteering are leaving tomorrow
  • Just turned 33
  • The church we pastor celebrated three years this month
  • The orphanage is celebrating three years as well

Might be why I feel like I need a nap! It is interesting to see how people respond to change. At heart I am an ostrich. I bury my head in the sand and wait. Conscious of this and not wanting to be beaten by my own tendencies I will over extend myself and keep it in high gear over the rough spot. Eventually things smooth out, but it is a bumpy ride for a bit. I can see the nice flat asphalt on the horizon. Just gotta hang on.

How do you handle a truckload of change?



5 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. Mm, and on top of that, you’re revamping your blog!
    Props to you! Way to go!
    I don’t have many wise words to add at the moment… but the site looks great, @ng!

  2. Haha. I like your driving theme in this.

    How do I handle change huh? Mostly … hang on and grin. Change is always for the better in my book. Even when it’s rocky.

  3. Change…I sometimes tend to be an ostrich too! Especially if it seems the tad bit intimidating! Otherwise I jump in with both feet and love the exhilarating pace! I know that’s totally opposite extremes! I guess I’m just an extreme kind of gal!

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