Wednesday Without Words

Street Trees 001

Street Trees 002

Street Trees 003



10 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. Woah! You totally changed it all around! Looks cool. How’d you do that?!

    I know I’ve been absent from blog world for a while…but I didnk think that long. Doesn’t mean you’ve been absent from my mind!

  2. Becky – We take our trees very seriously here in Cochabamba.

    Thumbuddy – The upgrade was a birthday gift from my dear husband. I hired Shauna Callaghan. The link is at the bottom of my page. She also did Alece’s. I am glad you think it is cool. :-)

  3. I do like it. Seeing as I am a recovering perfectionist (hee hee hee) there are still some things I am tweaking with my designer’s help. Such is life though, right?

  4. Hello!

    I wanted to invite you to join in on the second photo challenge at Missionary Moms! The topic this time is “His Beautiful Creation.” Stop by to find out more about the challenge and how to join in on the fun and encouragement!


    1. No need to apologize, I understand. I am glad you think the style is cool. I like it too. Just today we got a few more little things worked out and I think I am really feeling at home here. :-)

  5. Woah. I’m sure there’s a life application to that, huh? Seems like what I’m facing. “Just let the tree grow! We likehe tree! Don’t chop it down!” But it’s growing in the middle of the road. “But I like it!!”



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