Close Up

Usually I share photos on Wednesdays. It is Saturday. I am just so pleased by how these pictures turned out that I wanted to share them. There are more on my Flickr account if you get into this kind of stuff. Oh, and speaking of Flickr, if you are a member over there then feel free to add me as a contact. I like pictures.

The deal with these pictures is that I have been practicing taking close ups. There is a setting on our snazzy camera, but it is tricky to use; thus the need for practice. Then there are the artsy things like lighting, composition, line, color, etc. to consider. I gave myself a challenge: good close ups with no computer editing help. I took about a hundred shots in the botanical gardens one afternoon last week. These are some of the ones that I am really pleased with. (You can click on the images to see them in all their thousand-of-pixels glory.)



6 thoughts on “Close Up

  1. Lovely, @ngie! I really like the daisy! They’re so happy looking.

    I’m just catching up with blogs so I’m a bit behind in saying this but I LOVE your new site – it really looks great!

  2. Wow, that detail is exquisite! I like the pine cones the best I believe. Seeing that detail up close in … so awe inspiring, isn’t it? Love it!

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