From the Mouths of Dreamers

The taxi rumbled over the rough streets. Two little girls peered from the windows surveying the images that rushed in front of them. Distracted their caregiver asked again what the question was.

“Why are there so many poor people living on the street?” came the innocent inquiry from the young girl.

Astounded the caregiver simply said she didn’t know.

How amazing that this girl would be able to differentiate between the circumstances of those less fortunate and herself. She did not consider herself poor. This precious little girl lives at the mercy of those who have given her a home because her previous one was harmful. This gem of a thing has a story that is at the least complicated and heartbreaking. Able to perceive the delicacies of the situations of others she has not fallen prey to the discrimination of those who might thoughtlessly say to her, “Poor thing.”

What a testament of the wonders that are being wrought at the House of Dreams Orphanage. The resilience of my little Dreamers never ceases to amaze me. Thanks be to God our Father and Lord who has not left us alone but takes us in and calls us His children.

cared for
Photo by Lacy Inscho



3 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Dreamers

  1. Oh Ang!! This brought tears to my eyes as I think about packing all my loot to come see you!! What a huge testament to the work you and DaRonn and the caregivers at House of Dreams are doing!!

    I will see you in a blink of an eye and do my best to help spread some love!!

    Big, big hugs!
    Livvy Lu

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