Wednesday Without Words

Photograph credit: This little beauty had her picture taken by Libby Jordan or Shauna Clay. They came at the same time to help in the orphanage and then graciously passed me their pictures. Thanks to whomever it was.

july 2009


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. Ahhh!! I took this pic Ang! Someone just asked me what my favorite moment of ministry was while I was with you and this is EXACTLY the picture that came to my mind!

    The was the last day we were there and the 2nd attempt to test this precious dreamer. The first day she wouldn’t touch a thing or engage…just quietly stared out in space. This time we stayed on the front porch, closer to the other children and had Benita, a caregiver who she has know forever at the House of Dreams. This was the 2nd or 3rd thing we did…and I was SOOO excited that she was participating.

    As you can tell…she’s pretty proud too!!

    Now I’m crying! Thank you for highlighting my special memory! God is so cool like that!

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