Tuesday Tip #21 – Resoftening and Rehardening in the Kitchen

Resoftening is needed when food hardens and you need it soft again. These are usually sugar based consumables. There is an easy way to make them soft again. Just seal them in an air tight plastic bag or container with a fresh slice of bread. By the next day they should be soft. The harder the item the longer the wait, and you might need to use more than one piece of fresh bread. Things I have resoftened are: cookies, brown sugar, and Peeps. It might work with marshmallows too.


Rehardening is needed when something wilts and you need it hard again. These are usually vegetables. There is an easy way to make them crisp again. Just put them in a container and cover the item with cold water. Refrigerate for a few hours and you will have crunchy veggies once again. By the way, this is a great way to keep the veggies crunchy, too. Things I have rehardened are: carrots, radishes, and celery. It might work for peppers, too.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #21 – Resoftening and Rehardening in the Kitchen

  1. I actually LIKE my Peeps a little stale & hard :-)

    I buy a big bunch of carrots once a week from the market – I always peel them all at once and then put them a container covered with water. It seems like they keep longer than if they’re just left in the crisper drawer.

    1. Sarah hi! :-)

      I, too, don’t mind a little firmness in my Peeps. I had rationed our Peeps so much since the Easter season that they were as hard as rocks. Really, I couldn’t even bite them. I was devastated! So I did the experiment with the bread. They got so soft I am currently letting them reharden a bit. Ha!

  2. Veggies aren’t the only things that sometimes need rehardening. Sometimes, cookies or breads get a bit soggy. To remove moisture from bakery goods, the opposite of your bread trick can be done. Something more dry can be added to the container–like a few crackers. The crackers will pull the extra moisture out of the soggy treats, just like the dry treats pull out the extra moisture from the slices of bread.

  3. I knew about the brown sugar, but have never tried this with marshmallows! I’m gonna try it next time they get too hard for the marshmallow shooter.


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