Wednesday Without Words

"Crazy Cases"
"Crazy Cases"



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Without Words

  1. Pillow cases?? If so, that is a very unique collection! :o) Hmmm…wonder how close to the fun drawing??

    Big hugs!
    Livvy Lu

    1. Yes, pillow cases. My linen closet is a treasure trove of craziness, er, uniqueness, as you put it.

      There is still a ways to go for the drawing. I am wondering if anyone is going to employ any kind of strategy for their entries for this drawing…

      1. My strategy is to continue to check my Google reader regularly and post a sincere comment. Steady Eddy wins the race right?? :o)

        BTW…for some reason when I click on the subscribe to comments…I don’t get them in my inbox. I just have gotten in the habit of checking ’em when I come back to your site. Wonder if I’m the only one that has that issue??

        Hope you get to see your hubby today…I saw that his flight was returned to the beloved Miami Airport!! Sounds like he was on the same hot sauna that Shauna and I was on!

  2. I love the pillow cases! How fun!

    Mine are boring white, but they are soft and that’s what REALLY matters. If I could find fun colorful ones that I could stand resting my face on (and afford) then that would be a treat.

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