These are the paintings on my rotator at the moment. They are watercolors with some marker and colored pencils.












8 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. I really like these @ngie. My favourites are ‘elemental’ like Becky, and also ‘convergence’ and ‘learning curve.’ I like the curves and crossing of all the roads in ‘convergence,’ and the rainbow colours in ‘learning curve.’
    Did you paint them?

  2. I love those paintings Angie!!!!

    Beautiful!!!! I’m working on some paintings too, I’m planning to sell them to raise founds for Ministry… are you selling yours?.

    You are so creative @ngie your pictures and paintings and everything you do is stunning!

    Blessings amiga ;)

  3. Wow! I didn’t know you painted! :D Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I appreciate it. :D These are so imaginative. I like ‘learning curve’ I think the best. You like the road theme – for reasons which I can probably guess at. :) The pineapple you seem to like as well. Any special reason there? Thanks for sharing!

  4. You gals are great! Thanks for letting me know which ones you liked and why you liked them.

    To answer some questions:

    Yes, I did them.

    Hmmm, I have never thought about selling them.

    Pineapples are the universal sign of welcome, which I hope people feel on my blog (nice attention to detail there, my friend).

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