Heaven and Earth

For the years that I home schooled I was able to include a bible devotion time within the curriculum. It was great. When we decided that the children would attend the Christian school we had started I was not naive in my understanding about our responsibility to train our kids in the things of the Lord. The academics I wasn’t concerned with. I wanted their connection with God to stay consistent.

In our grand adjustment to actually getting up at a regular time every day I found it was important to make morning routine charts. In the midst of breakfast, showers, dressing and snack prep I allotted time for family devotions. They are sent out the door after 10 or 15 minutes of time to center ourselves. We don’t get to it every day, but we try to make it happen more days than not.

Currently, we are learning the Lord’s prayer (the Matthew 6 rendition) in old King James. We are taking it easy and understanding new (actually old) phrases like ‘hallowed be thy’ and ‘which art’.

The other day I asked some pointed questions about what they thought the part about Heaven and Earth meant. Here is the part we were discussing:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Here are some thoughts from Raimy (11), Timothy (9) and Gabrielle (8). My attempts at answering some of their questions are italicized.

  • R. – How can we know what the kingdom is like? Does this mean that God wants heaven on earth now? If that is what we are praying for then how will we know when it happens? We can read it in the bible. The bible talks about the kingdom of God. Really!? [shocked and surprised, yet relieved]
  • T. – God’s will is like God’s goal or His mission.  [I think it is clever how he picked up on the idea that this is a progressive action of God and it is something that He is working on. So many people give God a hard time because they claim He “allows” and even “wills” for terrible things to happen to people. If we look at it this way then we will understand that His will is happening in a process as His goal and mission.]
  • Almost unanimously – Heaven just makes me so excited!
  • R. – “Thy will be done” means that what God wants will be done. It will be done.
  • G. – This means that we can have heaven here on earth.
  • R. – What goes up must come down. That is heaven coming to earth.



3 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth

  1. Oh what an exciting conversation with your kids!! A great group of insightful thinkers! I love this idea and think it’s something your kids will remember for ages to come!

    I still remember our devotion time with my Mom prior to going to bed. I’d give anything to find the book we had…we’d read a story and then in the back were several questions related to the story. My brother & I LOVED them!

    Big hugs!

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