WINNERS for the Bag Drawing

A few posts ago I launched a drawing. It was my 500th post. The prizes were 5 bags. The contest ran until we reached 5,000 comments here at the @. Each comment counted as an entry from the time of the launch of the contest until now. We have reached 5,000 comments, folks!


Here is a little video of the drawing (and some silliness tagged on at the end).

For those of you that are going to watch the video when you can get to a machine that you can watch it on here are the most esteemed winners!

  1. Steven Pratt
  2. Libby Jordan
  3. Libby Jordan
  4. Carin Guthrie
  5. Danielle Hodgson

Winners, you just need to get me your shipping address. You can use my honk page to send me a personal message right to my inbox.

Congratulations guys!

5000 bag drawing winners

Thanks to all my readers for riding shot gun here at the @, you are all awesome!



11 thoughts on “WINNERS for the Bag Drawing

  1. lol! Okay, so I flipped back over to facebook just in time to hear voices again… and to think I almost missed the bloopers! Too funny!

  2. WOW!! And FYI I wasn’t just posting comments to win a bag. I really for the most part had a legit comment about something!! :o)

    I think this has made my Monday!!

    Big hugs!

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