Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Now, on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead…

  • My son Tyler turned 3 today.
  • He has a video currently featured on the Billboard here at the @. (It can be found here for future reference when I change the Billboard: “Mean ol’ Lion”)
  • Mango and custard apple (called chirimoya here) is a delectable fruit combo.
  • I got pulled over for a padiddle at a police trap on Friday night.
  • They wrote down my information and told me that as I was driving around Monday I would be pulled over and given a formal ticket which I would then need to take to a bank and pay the fee.
  • I did not get pulled over today. I haven’t driven at all, so that might be why.
  • My husband did not get pulled over today. He was driving about.
  • I have no plans to go out this evening. If I do it would be a walk on the wild side because we have yet to figure out how to get that padiddle fixed.
  • A padiddle is a burnt out headlight.
  • Sunday was “Pedestrian Day” here in Bolivia. This is a day where the use of motorized vehicles is prohibited to save the environment. A few emergency vehicles have permission. The taxis from the airport have permission. The airplanes have permission. The police driving around confiscating the keys of those trying to drive around have permission. Other than that the streets are filled to the brim with people walking, biking, scooting and skating.
  • The intern couple who came last week are great people. Melinda and Romon Gore are their names. We had orientation for a few days. Now they have started with a weekly routine that they will keep for the three months they are here. They are actually on a scouting trip meaning that at the end of the three months then we will decide all together if this is a good fit for them to make a three year commitment to be missionaries working with us here at Christ Nation Ministries. Exciting stuff!
  • The photo below was taken by Melinda.
  • I have 26 cactus plants; cacti, if you will.
  • My afternoon house help is named Teresa. Her son and daughter-in-law live in Spain. Teresa just became a grandmother to a healthy set of Spanish twins, a boy and a girl: Daniel and Susan. So fun!
  • There is a new pizza shop catty-corner to our block that is actually pretty good. It is called “Bricks”. Open only in the evenings, as is the case for most Bolivian restaurants.
  • It is so fun to hear about all the Autumn happenings in the States. Although I always find it peculiar when there is great hype for ‘back to school’ up there and down here we are about 10 weeks from being done with our school year.
  • Go Huskers!



4 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. Oh I LOVE the photo! And what fun to have a couple with you for several months! I pray that they will enjoy their time and fall in love with your ministry!

    Chirimoya was my favorite flavor of soy milk I had during my first trip. We couldn’t find it on the 2nd trip at the big grocery store. I think I got it at the little shop down the street from your place.

    Fall is really coming quickly. The temperature is nice. And I’m starting to learn how to play golf. I’ve been to the driving range 4 times this week! I think I need to invest in Nike Air golf balls cuz I’m not getting a lot of loft…but at least they’re straight!!

  2. I love everything about this Trail Mix post EXCEPT the letters in RED!!! But I still love ya @ngie!

    Help me out, Lib. M-I-Z……

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