Tuesday Tip #24 – Dirt in the House

Most of the time we are trying to conquer the dirt and filth in the house with long hours of cleaning and scrubbing. My tip for you today is: keep dirt in the house.

I am talking about planting soil. Providing the materials for the people in your house to garden is a healthy practice. Here you will find a simple list of things to use for gardening or potting. Also, I have included the reasons why I think getting dirt under the fingernails is a good idea.

Stuff to keep on hand:

  • Planting soil
  • Small pots with holes in the bottom and plates
  • Old spoons or small shovels
  • Seeds (can be purchased or taken from the foods around the house)
We started with dry beans to grow these bean plants
We started with dry beans to grow these bean plants

Why get dirt under the fingernails:

  1. Helps you be more aware of the environment
  2. Helps you appreciate the food you eat
  3. Helps you understand many biblical principals
  4. Connects you to a long term project thus developing commitment
  5. It is very rewarding to care for something
  6. Cultivates faith to see the miracle of growth right before your eyes
  7. “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.”



5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip #24 – Dirt in the House

  1. I love the last line! I gotta store that in my memory bank! And I might just have to go get a plant…I currently have none!

  2. We grew tomatoes and peppers this year, in containers on the deck. Worked out just fine and my daughter, who despises tomatoes, had the most fun picking them!

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