09 09 09 09:09

What were you doing at 09:09 on this fun date of 09 -09 -09? This is what I was doing:

09 09 09 0909

Speaking of dates, I do believe that “twenty ten” sounds more slick than “two thousand ten”. What do you think? Although, in Spanish I think that I prefer “dos mil diez” over “veinte diez”.



7 thoughts on “09 09 09 09:09

  1. This is a fun post. Sorry I have been out of the blog loop. Been SWAMPED with Ma stuff, as well as taking classes to keep my teaching certificate active. Crazy busy.

    Still have you on my heart and in my prayers.


  2. I was just getting to one of my schools for an all day inservice on augmentative communication devices (specialized computer “talk boxes” for children who are nonverbal) for 4 of my students.

  3. I think I was on the computer both times. lol. My friend marked both 0909090909s with something special. Nine is her favorite number. It was quite a big day.

    Love you!

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