Colorado Images

Of the hundreds of pictures we took last week I was able to narrow down the ones I am choosing to display to a mere 26. These will give you a feel of my most exhilarating experiences. There are four categories with a bit of a description before each one: St. Malo, Crosses, Mountains, and Out and About. (Mouse over the image and it’s title will pop up.)

St. Malo

The retreat center where we stayed for the better part of the week we were in Colorado was called St. Malo. It is nestled in the mountains just outside of Estes Park. The seclusion afforded us an atmosphere free of distractions and replete with nature in it’s most natural state. One morning I awoke early and climbed up on a rock formation where they have placed a statue of Christ. My companions were a squirrel and two blue birds. As far as the eye could see great mountains rose out of the ground reaching up to embrace the immensity of the foreboding clouds that washed the heavens with gray tones and swirling forms. The most wonderful part was that we were with friends, dear friends. We also met some new people and had some great conversations. The conference was limited in numbers to create an ethos of intimacy.

St. Malo rooms and retreat center

St. Malo view from our room

St. Malo looking out from the retreat center

St. Malo statue of Christ

St. Malo chapel

St. Malo by the chapel

St. Malo fireplace in the great room


Our time was saturated with spirituality, but not in an ethereal way. Rather, there was a very real sense of heaven come to earth. On the cross Jesus made the ultimate connection of his humanity and his divinity. Tapestries depicting the life of our Lord draped every wall and welcomed us in to a contemplative state. Some of the crosses on the grounds were refined, others rugged. The diverse crosses remind me that Christ came to seek and to save all sectors of the human race.

Cross stained glass view from the inside

Cross of stained glass

Cross the new and living way

Cross rugged

Cross in the mantel of the fireplace

Cross and the rock

Cross of St. Catherine of Siena


Mist danced with the relentless dusting of snow. Crisp air filled our lungs. Gusts of wind coming through the trees made us catch our breath and wet our eyes. I wiped away the reflex tears not wanting to miss a moment of majesty. I love the mountains. I love living in the mountains.

Mountain sun breaking

Mountains Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Mountain girl

Mountain Snow!

Mountain fire wood

Out and About

Tooling around discovering new things to see, do, and eat was so much fun. Certain foods and shops could not be passed up. Then there were other places we had never been before, but will probably be back to because we enjoyed them. There is a shot in this group of a farm and a sky that never ends. We whizzed by it on the highway and I told DaRonn, “That right there is America to me.” He snapped and it turned out pretty good.

Out and about in Boulder

Out and about kite shop

Out and about Smiling Elk

Out and about Sunrise

Out and about That is America

Out and about The Many hats of my man

Out and about Tree Hugger Garb



8 thoughts on “Colorado Images

  1. Oh what an awesome trip! How exciting! So did DaRonn come home with the Pope hat? :o) And did you have a super zoom or did you really get that close to the Elk?? AMAZING!

    Thanks for sharing some of your special memories! Loved the pics!

    1. Livvy Lu,

      We did not bring home the pope hat. :-)

      About the Elk. They were just lounging around the town of Estes Park. These particular ones were on the golf course. There were others in a bank parking lot and by the Safeway. They look funny walking around town like that. But they are not to be messed with because they can take your finger off. DaRonn did use some zoom, but not all that much.

      I am glad that you enjoyed the pics!

      1. I can’t imagine golfing with an Elk on the course. What one do if the ball hit them, accidentally of course?? Or if it landed close by? Hmmm…I wonder if there is special golfing rules for when Elk are on the course?

        Can you tell I’m a new golfer?? :o)

  2. Hi Angie! Sarah (Junglewife) sent me your way. She is participating in a blog event I’m hosting next month to raise funds for missionaries. I am hoping to get some more m’s participating and would love to share the details with you. If you are interested, please email me:

    I hope to hear from you! God bless!

  3. What a wonderful vacation @ngie! I’ve been stopping by to check when the photos would be posted, so I loved seeing them all today :)
    Wow, those mountains really look amazing. I remember you saying how much you love mountains, so that would no doubt have been really special for you.
    And I really liked the way you described that morning where you climbed the rock, with the statue of Jesus, and the squirrel and bluebirds to keep you company – love that! :)
    Oh and I love that one of ‘Mountains Bear Lake.’ How gorgeous! With the turning colour of the trees, wow.
    So glad you and DaRonn had such a good time, and a time of being built up with God too.
    And nice to see you home here xo

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