Why am I not Surprised?

Adoption update:

The judge turned in her resignation.

At the beginning of the year there were two judges here in Cochabamba who oversaw adoptions (among other things). Then one of them quit. Her work load then shifted to the hands of the remaining judge. Now that judge has resigned. What happens to her case load? It gets shifted to the judge of another sector. He will now have tons of cases.

Why am I not surprised?

Whatever the issues surrounding these resignations the bottom line is that it means more waiting for us. The next step is still the assignment of our child to our family. She is somewhere in this city. We just gotta hang on a while longer.

It is so hard for me to not become angry about the heavily autocratic system that is obviously broken. It is so hard for me to not become critical of the practices that I feel perpetuate the lack and poverty dominant in this country. It is so hard to remain positive as I see the innocent children who are the ultimate victims of the mistakes of the grown-ups.

While I may struggle with anger and cynicism I have not given up hope. My hope remains firm. Thank you God for your gracious gift of hope.

When my lawyer was explaining this all to me I made a bit of a joke and said, “Is there nothing we can do? Can’t we have a hunger strike, or organize a protest march, or set up blockades around the city?” We had a good laugh about that. Demonstrations are a common way for Bolivians to express their desire for change. At least once a week there is a complaint of some sort expressed using these means. Why can’t we do the same?

Personally, I think that those efforts while noble and with good intention are not very effective. Prayer is the better way.

Will you pray for Bolivia with me today? Will you plead for justice for these children? Will you make known to God our desire for him to move in this land?



8 thoughts on “Why am I not Surprised?

  1. Am praying! Maybe teaching the little dreamers to pray for their country and their government…without giving specifics of course, would be yet another level of prayers going to heaven. I’ve often thought that surely the prayers of children reach God’s ear with a higher importance that us stuffy adults. :o)

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