Cochabamba Night Shots

On Flickr there is a set of shots I took around the city of Cochabamba. They are already nicely captioned and displayed in a snazzy little set. I really enjoyed going out on the town and capturing some images of some of my favorite places here. I don’t think this will be the last time that I do something like this. There are some other night sites that I would like to grab on film.

Click the image below or follow this link: Cochabamba Night Shots on Flickr. Comments here or there are welcome and appreciated.

Flickr Screen Shot Oct 2009



11 thoughts on “Cochabamba Night Shots

  1. loved the sidewalk! And the outdoor eating area looks wonderful, especially since we’ve seen the last of any sun or warmth for many months now.

  2. @ngie these shots are amazing!!! The one of Plaza Colon is my favorite…

    Have you stopped by my new home in blogesphere?! I’d still love your feedback!

  3. @ngie, these are great! I love getting an impression of different places. It’s great to get a sense of your city.

    I think my favourite is the one of the ‘Brazilian Coffee’ restaurant, with the tables coming out onto the pavement – I love the look of that atmosphere!

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