Gabrielle the Giver

It is fascinating to me to see my kids’ personalities springing up. Each one of them is so distinct and individual.

Gabrielle, my third child, is at this time eight years old. She is usually very generous. One time we were shopping for clothes and she wanted to help me carry the bags. We were in the third or fourth store. My friend who was with us then asked me a question, “Is it ok that your daughter is handing out your clothes?” Sure enough, Gabrielle was happily reaching in the bags and hand picking from our purchases clothes to give to the other customers. She was about four at the time. She continues to be ecstatic when she can give something away.

Her most recent notable donation, aside from the daily drawing, dandelion or designer snack, was her hair. A friend of mine here in Cochabamba got here hair cut short and decided to donate to Locks of Love. I told the kids about it and Gabrielle saw her opportunity. She wanted to get her hair cut that very day. Up until she found out about this option her goal was to grow her hair to her ankles. She was well on her way as it was down to the small of her back. We looked on line to see how long the hair had to be to donate. Her’s was exactly the right length.

[As I am writing this she came up to me and asked permission to give away her old colored pencils to her brother, since we got her a new pack today.]

So we set about cutting and clipping. Her big curls are very forgiving. I had an easy time of going it on my own and giving her a new style. I am so proud of my Gabrielle the giver!

Isn’t she a doll?

Gabrielle cut 1

Gabrielle cut 2

Gabrielle cut 3

Gabrielle cut 4signature2


12 thoughts on “Gabrielle the Giver

  1. Oh how neat! I’m so proud of her! She’s got the cutest locks and some little girl will just be giddy to get some of those pretty curls! Good job Gabs!

  2. Angie,
    I love it! Yes, it is awesome to see their distinct persoanlities and their hearts. Just imagine how God sees us! He is delighted I am sure.

    Well that is it. I have donated mine twice and was talking to hubby today about my hair… i need to do something and donating it again was a thought… well now I think it’s a go! Why else would God have me read this today and be encouraged by your daughter.

    Awesome, amazing!
    Sharing His Plan in Guatemala

    1. Jackie – I am glad to hear that your decision is sealed. :-) The is the third time that my friend who I mentioned in the post is giving her hair, as well. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. So lovely. I had to smile at the story of four-year-old Gabrielle holding onto the bags of new clothes, and handing them out to passers-by at the shops for the joy of it :) What a kind heart!

  4. Hair looks great! Ought to get her together with my #3. The two of them could give away the world!

    I howled at her giving away all your clothes! Too funny.

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