Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Now, on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed up life I lead…

  • National Novel Writing Month has begun!
  • At this moment I have 4,047 words logged in.
  • Today in Bolivia the Day of the Dead is being observed.
  • No pressing engagements means time for writing. Yes!
  • I am hoping to log some more words before the day is done.
  • Yesterday, Sunday, November first was our 8th anniversary of the day we landed in Bolivia as missionaries.
  • We didn’t do anything special or out of the ordinary to remember the day. It came and went with our regluar Sunday stuff of church services, take out for lunch, napping and lounging.
  • This weekend I also finished painting three commissioned pieces. That was fun.
  • Earlier this week I painted a picture for the wall of the bedroom of the son of a friend here in the city. That was fun, too.
  • DaRonn got back from a good ministry time in Mexico. Then made a quick trip to Miami to pick up some things for the upcoming conference here this weekend. He came back Saturday night. It is good to have him home.
  • This weekend is the Leadership Summit conference.
  • Next weekend I will be climbing Mt. Tunari with 7 other people; one of them is a guide. So much fun!
  • The weekend after that I am hosting a sort of Thanksgiving celebration in my home followed by the end of the year school program with the kids. Those will be two very fun things.
  • I am so ready for the school year to be over. Nine more school days. (9!)
  • Got an encouraging e-card yesterday that just made me so happy.
  • Two friends asked me if I wanted to hang out this week. I feel loved.
  • We may have found a place for the orphanage. Weighing the pros and cons it looks like the best bet.
  • I have a friend who asks me what I dream about, what I am thinking for the ministry and life and such. She is a marvelous catalyst. She got me dreaming out loud this week and it has been revving in me ever since. I really want to move forward with some of the things. It gets me all excited just typing about it.

Enjoy the pics of the paintings:

(Click the image to see it in proper dimensions and closer up.)



15 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. @ngie, how do you do it all? Firstly, those paintings are stunning! And secondly, 4047 words already on your novel!! (!!) I feel like I’m doing well if I get to 1,000 a day, ha, ha. You’re doing brilliantly my friend, keep going!
    And you’re even climbing a mountain next weekend! Amazing! Have fun with everything! xo

    1. Birgit, my friend Becky does a little writing game on her blog every once in a while. It is called JOP (junk on paper). She gives us a topic or an image. Then those who want to play take five minutes to do a free write and leave the results in the comment box. At the end of the 5 minutes no more editing is allowed and you leave whatever ‘junk’ came out. It is a practice on just getting something down. Some fun stuff has happened during JOP days.

      I share that because on the NaNoWriMo site they give tips. According to them the hardest part is not self-editing as you go along. They recommend just keeping the writing flowing and get the word count in. Then in December go back and begin the first of many edits. So, in my mind, I am just getting the words down.

      To get 50,000 words written in 30 days the average is 1,667 words daily. Insane, right?! :-) At the end of November the story will be out of me and I can go back and tweak, change, rearrange and edit.

      Other people use the NaNoWriMo for other goals. I will see how it goes this time around. See if I like it. Just kinda goin’ with the flow for now, I guess…

  2. I love that my son falls asleep under his stars painted with love just for him :) with a message of faith and praise on top of it all to remind him of who He belongs to… the maker of the stars! Thank you my dear friend for honoring me and my children with your friendship and the talents that God has given you! Love you!

  3. Wow, you are an artsy maniac! Way to go on the novel. Don’t you love random free days!

    I have some unforgettable memories of climbing Tunari, especially when our friend’s car got stuck and we were stranded for hours.

    Yeah for Thanksgiving and for summer vacation. Can you guys get turkeys there? We are going to pretend with chickens!

    1. Julie, Tunari beckons me. I am hoping the rains hold off… at least for that day.

      Yes. There is a shop that specializes in turkeys not even three blocks from my home. They have also started to bring them into to the grocery stores (from the same shop in my neighborhood). Now I just need to figure out what size to buy. :-)

  4. Wow! I’m impressed. I thought I was doing good today to get all the laundry folded!

    Writing… wow.. I was tempted to start up again, but the one book took so much out of me and two years to write… I just don’t know. Besides, since I spend so much time behind the computer for work, just wasn’t sure to add more…

    climbing – wow! Now that is something that I would like – if it warmed up! I’m impressed.

    Hey, was reading through your blog last week, and totally missed that you gave me a gold star… like months ago… oops!


    THANK-YOU! I felt special – six months later! :)

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