Lovely Lady, Lovely Blog Award

Miss Maureen Milham has bestowed on me a lovely blog award. Thanks, Mo! You rock!

Isn’t it pretty? Below are the 5 recipients that I am extending this award to because I think they are lovely ladies!

Lovely Lady Lovely Blog Award

Carin of “United Here” is a friend who lives here in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She moved here with her husband and two wonderful kids earlier this year. She inspires me with her worshipful heart and prayerful spirit. We run together in the mornings, that profits us some. We also run together for the cause of Christ, this is reaping eternal rewards.

Birgit Whelan is a Kiwi living in England. She has an amazing testimony of how God has rescued her from the darkness and placed her as a shining light in this world. Visiting her blog is always a thought provoking and inspiring stop. Aside from the devotional posts she has some unbelievable photography. I am glad to have met Birgit.

Sarah of “Junglewife” is a sweet woman serving in Indonesia with her husband and their darling daughters. They are so cute! They get it from their mom, of course. Sarah is a down to earth chick. She is creative and finds ways to make life livable and even enjoyable in extreme situations. She is a dear lady.

Sarah of “Missionary Mommy”  lives in Botswana with her husband and their two kiddos. They have been serving as missionaries long enough to have to renew their drivers licenses. Her upbeat and fun approach to life are an encouragement. Her real life hospitality shines through on her blog as she tells stories about living in Africa.

Julie of “Keepin’ the Faith” works alongside her husband in Paraguay. They have just begun the process to adopt; their son will be a great big brother. Julie is not one to mince words. She is thoughtful, has a heart inclined to the heart of God and chooses to make every moment count. Oh, and she collects orchids! Cool, eh?

You will not be disappointed if you click through on those links. They really are a lovely bunch of gals.

– o –

To accept this award, recipients should do the following things:

1) Save the IMAGE and upload it to display in your sidebar.

2) Present the award to five lady bloggers.

3) Publish a post presenting the award which names your 5 recipients and tells what you like about each of their blogs/websites.


5 thoughts on “Lovely Lady, Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much! I’m touched that you think so highly of me!

    I’ll have to figure out how to get that button uploaded… not right now… the kiddos need some attention!!!

  2. Thank-you for your high praise and encouragement.I’m giving it all to God and now thinking about who I am passing it on to.
    Missing our running this week, but am taking deep breaths of rest with my kids which is sorely needed :0)

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