Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Now, on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed up life I lead…

  • Did you see that we found a new place for the House of Dreams? You can see more pictures on the blog: here. Or by clicking the following picture. Moving day is set for November 28th. I have been organizing the volunteers. It will be a fun day.
The new House of Dreams home
The new House of Dreams home
  • I am so excited for this Saturday! There are ten of us who will be climbing Mt. Tunari. We will leave here at 6 AM and drive two hours to where we start the climb. We have a guide. It is going to be so awesome! This is a picture I took one evening of the peak.
Mt. Tunari near Cochabamba, Bolivia
Mt. Tunari near Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • My kids finish school tomorrow. Raimy is happy for the summer to come. Timothy is indifferent. Gabrielle made a list of all the subjects she would like to continue throughout the summer months.
Gabrielle's summer school plans
Gabrielle's summer school plans
  • Does anyone know the name of the spider featured in yesterday’s WWW?
Plum tree spider 2
Click for enlarged view
  • There has been a new idea brewing in my spirit. I alluded to it on FaceBook some yesterday. It is not time for an “official” announcement. Though I am feeling like it is the right thing to do. More on that later. For now, the closest thing to a smile that we have caught on film of this little princess. Just a bit camera shy is all, because her whole face lights up when she does smile. I will catch that smile on camera and it will be glorious!
2 yr. old Dreamer Girl
2 yr. old Dreamer Girl



4 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. Cool house, the architecture is so unique. Have a great climb this weekend, hope the weather’s great! What a precious little girl, give her a squeeze for me.

  2. Cute little one! Is that the Bolivian Livvy Lu?

    I can’t wait for your announcement. I feel as if it will make me giddy!

    Big, big hugs!
    Livvy Lu!

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