We’re Teenagers Now

Mrs. DaRonn Washington came on the scene 13 years ago today. You could say that we are teenagers now. It feels the same as when you first get to tack that teen onto the back of your age. You wait for people to ask you how old you are so you can say thirTEEN. Yep, I am a very happily married woman. Giddy, some might say.

Of the multitudinous list of things that I could say to laud my husband I will choose a mere 13 to share this evening. I thank God for the wonderful man He has given me.

  1. During our first weeks of marriage DaRonn would bring me flowers all the time. When they got droopy I pitched ’em. He asked me about it one time; why I didn’t save them or dry them or whatever. I told him I really didn’t get into flowers that much. So he stopped buying them for me. I love him because he doesn’t buy me flowers.
  2. Before that when we were just hanging out as friends in a group but I had my eye on him the topic came up about outrageous proposals. I spoke up and told the group that the man who proposes to me will know that all that preposterous proposal business is out of the question. I think my husband-to-be was listening from his side of the table at Denny’s because his proposal was simple. I love my husband because he listens to me.
  3. On our honeymoon my husband asked me to rate our marriage from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. I put a big fat 11 on my paper. He put a 7. I thought it was a silly game. He said to me that there are always things we can grow in and get better at. I love my husband because he never stays the same, he is always getting better. (But I would still give the marriage an 11.)
  4. During our first months of marriage I would cry myself to sleep worried about this or that. DaRonn told me not to worry about making mistakes. When I would mess up and burn the peas or not get the dishes done he would applaud me. I love my husband because he loves my mistakes.
  5. Once my husband bought crabs and prepared them for us in our kitchen along with artichokes and melted butter. It was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I love my husband because he knows how to do stuff that would surprise some people.
  6. When we were still deciding about all this mission stuff we wall papered our rented walls with maps. Then we would spin and point and say we were going “there” to serve God. I love my husband because even when we don’t know what to do at least we can throw a dart or spin a finger and head in some sort of direction.
  7. DaRonn bowls good. I drink good coffee. I love my husband because he invests good in our interests.
  8. When my husband talks about me to other people he says, “My wife.” I love that he says that.
  9. I have seen my husband cry. I love that I am married to a man who is strong enough to cry.
  10. Have you seen my husband with our kids? They adore their papa. I love my husband because my kids love him.
  11. I had one of those ‘lists’ about the man I would marry. I prayed over that list from the time I was 7 years old. I kid you not. My list was simple: walks right (physical and spiritual), loves kids, farmer (yeah, this ended up being a spiritual thing, I am cool with that) and will take me all over the world. The God part was a given seeing as I was taking to God about him. Me and God had that understanding, you know. He is all these things and many more. I love my husband because he lets me check things off of my lists.
  12. He is sooooooo handsome! Oh my!
  13. Just today he said to me, “I don’t want you to feel like I am neglecting you or anything.” Wow. That is pure gold right there. I love that he is so kind, courteous, caring, protective, thoughtful and good to me.

I love you, DaRonn!!!



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